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    NISSAN FUGA – Front View

    The Fuga is a full-size luxury car from Nissan of Japan, introduced in October 2004. The Fuga is a rear wheel drive sedan riding on a stretched version of the Nissan FM platform, used by the Nissan Skyline.

    The Fuga is a direct competitor to the Toyota Crown, Honda Legend, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Audi A6, BMW 5 series, and Jaguar XF.

    The name of the vehicle was inspired by a type of classical music, called Fugue.

    Seven body colours are available on the Fuga, including five all-new colors – Crystal White Pearl, with three coats of pearl paint; metallic Blade Silver; a pearl metallic Stratosphere Blue; a metallic Warm Satin Silver; and a titanium metallic Titanium Gray. Nissan’s advanced “Scratch Shield” – a special “self-healing” clearcoat paint treatment – is also available on three colors – Super Black, Stratosphere Blue and Titanium Gray.


    NISSAN FUGA – Rear View


    Fuga is one of Nissan’s most technologically advanced vehicles, and the  Fuga carries forward that reputation. Standard on all models is an HDD-based CARWINGS navigation system, along with a standard side blind-spot monitor and back-view monitor. Also available is a factory-installed Bose® surround sound audio system.

    The highlight of the new Fuga’s technology is the adoption of the world’s first Distance Control Assist (Intelligent Pedal) System, which is standard on the 450GT Type P/Type S and 350GT Type P and optional on the other models. Using an accelerator pedal actuator, this system assists drivers in controlling the distance between their car and the vehicle in front, reducing the driver’s workload in a variety of driving situations – from city driving to expressway cruising.

    Also available is a revised Intelligent Cruise Control system incorporating “all-speed following capability” and the world’s first “navigation-cooperative control function,” standard on the 450GT Type P/Type S, 450GT and 350GT Type P, and optional on other models. This system has the capability of stopping the Fuga when the vehicle in front comes to a stop, and can control vehicle speed from a standing start to approximately 100 km/h (the previous system had a range of 5 km/h to 100 km/h). Additionally, the new system features a “navigation-cooperative control function” that assists in controlling the Fuga’s speed according to the reading of an upcoming curve in the road.



    Engine Capacity
    Available in 2500cc, 3500cc, and 4500cc

    Driving Type
    2500cc and 4500cc is available in 2WD only
    3500c is available in both 2WD and also 4WD

    Steering Position
    Right Hand Drive (on the right side of car)

    Transmission Type
    Automatic gear

    Gasoline (Petrol)

    Passenger Capacity
    5 (According to Japanese law)

    Engine Type
    2500cc : VQ25HR
    3500cc : VQ35HR
    4500cc : VK45DE

    Number of Doors    4

    18-inch aluminum wheels standard on the 450GT Type P, 450GT, 350GT, 250GT and 350GT FOUR models
    19-inch aluminum wheels standard on the GT Type S model.



    NISSAN FUGA – Dashboard


    NISSAN FUGA – Interior


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