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    Formula 1 legend and Lotus driver Nigel Mansell opens the newly restored test track at Group Lotus’ Hethel, UK headquarters.The 1992 F1 world champion drove a historic Type 81B which is part of the collection belonging to Classic Team Lotus.The company sent a whole flotilla of cars out to mark the opening of the new 2.2-mile track, which has been built to FIA safety standards, with others including the twin-chassis Lotus Type 88, driven by Mansell’s son, Leo, and two Lotus Renault ‘demonstration’ F1 cars, driven by Vitaly Petrov and test pilot Bruno Senna.


    Nigel Mansell officially opened Group Lotus’s revised and restored Hethel test track with a roar from the 1981 Essex-Lotus 81B in which he started his glorious Formula One career more than 30-years-ago.

    Mansell led a convoy of seven stunning racing cars from the Lotus stable, including the innovative 1980 Type 88 twin-chassis car – which the rule makers never allowed to race; the Lotus Type 125 Exos Experience car driven by fellow F1 legend Jean Alesi; and a brace of Lotus Renault GP cars piloted by current F1 stars Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna.

    This was the first time that modern era Formula 1 cars had blasted around the historic Hethel tarmac since the early 1990’s, the layout of the 2.2 mile circuit had changed very little, with one extra corner added, but the new asphalt and larger run off areas are better suited to modern racing and performance car testing.

    Its mixture of corners, straight and braking zones makes it ideal for testing and optimizing every performance aspect of the new era of Lotus products, and evaluating car control at the Lotus Driving Academy.

    In addition to a spacious new workshop, the test track will soon be accompanied by a new pit building and hospitality suite.

    Photo credit to Simon Finlay


    Nigel Mansell, Group Lotus ambassador and 1992 Formula One World Champion said: “What a joy it was to be reunited with my old 81B after 30 years. This is a very special place, Hethel, and it was wonderful to open the circuit today by driving alongside my sons Leo and Greg.”

    Clive Chapman, Managing Director of Classic Team Lotus said: “I remember my father testing the Lotus 49 on this circuit. He didn’t wear a helmet and you could see him grinning from ear to ear because he knew he had another winner. The circuit’s longest straight doubled as a runway, and we would land here in my father’s plane after adventurous and race tracks around the world. The revised circuit has managed to keep a lot of the character of the original, and seeing those seven cars lapping today is something I shall never forget. Lotus is enjoying exciting times once again, and it fills me with pride when I see brand new Lotus’s around the world still bearing my father’s initials.”

    Jean Alesi, Group Lotus ambassador and F1 legend said: “It’s extremely fast. The first time I went out I was surprised about the length of the straights, but then of course it’s not only for motor sport but for testing road cars. The layout is perfect for that. It’s a proper test track. Today I drove Lotus’ customer F1-experience car, the T125. The development of this car is ongoing, and very very promising. James Rossiter is doing a great job helping to develop the car, and will make this new track his home. I shall be validating these tests.”

    Dany Bahar, Group Lotus CEO said: “A year ago we set out our plans to introduce a new model line up, ambitious motorsport plans and a revitalization of the iconic Lotus brand. A year in, we are meeting all the targets and milestones we set ourselves. One of the milestones was the opening of our test track. You might say this is just a refurbishment of a track and not a major achievement in itself, and I agree. However, mentally and psychologically seeing this project accomplished demonstrates that step-by-step our vision is becoming a reality. It shows our entire workforce and our partners that we are delivering on our promises.”

    Bruno Senna, Lotus Renault GP third driver said : “Vitaly [Petrov] and I got to chase each other around in our F1 cars today, which was awesome. It’s a really fun, technical track designed to test the car’s handling and braking. I guess this is the first time in many years that a contemporary F1 car has been driven around here. The relationship I have with Group Lotus is very special, to be given the opportunity by these guys who trust my abilities and what I can bring to the team. And we have family history, of course. Ayrton [Senna] made his name with Colin Chapman, and so there is a lot to be grateful to Lotus for. For me, to drive this circuit where my uncle used to test his cars, is a special feeling.”

    James Rossiter, Lotus Motorsport factory driver said : “The circuit has been completely resurfaced and extended. Now there’s a lot more track and you can push harder thanks to that. The thing that makes it so perfect for Lotus is that it has every aspect of corner you can imagine, high speed, medium speed, slow speed, changes of direction at a steady state, decelerating, and accelerating, you’ve got a massive braking area at the end of a long straight, with a tight chicane, there are two 190 degree corners, which are long, open and steady state. So it has a little bit of everything, which is ideal for developing every aspect of a performance car.”

    Karl Heinz Kalbfell, Group Lotus Operations spokesperson and former CEO of Rolls Royce Motor Cars and Maserati :  “Every time I come back here to see the changes, both in infrastructure and the product, and to see people here driven by Lotus’s inspirational goals, it gives me a lot of confidence that we are all on the right track. This is exactly what Colin Chapman would have wanted. He was a man always looking forward, not backwards.”



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