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    Car stripes and body stickers express an extreme exterior makeover on a car and attracts the eyes of road users anywhere they goes. Here we share some of the simple and smart, nice body sticker, stripe line decal.

    Some famous design of body stripe line decals include the racing stripe stickers or paints from front to rear, mustang side stripe decal, single strip line, and lower side stripe.


    Racing stripes, also called Le Mans stripes, were applied to racecars to help identify them in the field during races, and to help a driver realign a spun out-car with the track.

    Usually two parallel blue stripes running from front to rear in the centre of the white body, they helped spectators identify the cars during races.Saab 96 with “go faster stipes”In 1996 a pair of 8-inch wide stripes was used on the Dodge Viper GTS, starting a revival inEurope. They are sometimes referred to as “Viper Stripes”.

    Road cars and “go-faster stripes”

    From the 1960s, stripes have sometimes been applied to road cars as well as racecars. Sometimes referred to as “go-faster stripes” on road cars, they are applied as a mild form of customizing. Arrangements include one or more stripes on the hood, roof, and trunk; stripes on the sides; and stripes that cross the hood or trunk and continue along the sides. The term “go-faster stripes” was used in the Daily Mirror comic strip, The Perishers, on the premise that striping is popular with boy racers. In a running gag, one character sold his slow-witted friend a series of home-made buggies that all had stripes.

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    1. panjang says:

      bos..nak tanye….ape kod warna merah yang sticker kat kete hitam (mustang) tu??maroon ke?darkred ke?ke ape?….lagi satu, untuk saga flx, lau nak pakai rim15,8jj, sesuai x?

    2. Yves says:

      Hi, would like to ask the cost for car body line on a 2014 Toyota vios, appreciate so much for your reply. Thank you

    3. kdi says:

      Hi, for car stripe decal, please head on to http://printing.sz.my for more info

    4. kenny Wong says:

      I look for lambo Huracan car body stripe sticker

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