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    Proton Ertiga MPV images exposed inside Proton Factory. The rebadged MPV from Suzuki Ertiga has very minor changes on the exterior compared to original shape from Suzuki. What we can see, the major design changes is simply the badge. Yes, Proton is really good at this ‘major’ changes.They should learn more from Perodua how to totally rebadge a car to looks better.

    Here we share some leaked images of exterior front, side and rear of Proton Ertiga mini MPV with 1.4 liter petrol engine with 95hp and 130Nm of torque that carries 7 passengers.

    The rear part, only small changes with addition of red reflector and fog lamp. A bit of reshape rear bumper. Thats it.

    Some info regarding the engine and technology used apart from its 4 speed A/T gearbox:

    The Ertiga K series engine is a 4-cylinder, 1,373 cc (1.4 CC), DOHC, 16-valve, VVT (Variable Valve Timing) made from lightweight aluminum.
    Powered Multi Point Injection, or fuel supply system into the combustion chamber engine is electronically controlled to produce perfect combustion and get a good engine performance, exhaust emissions are good (according to the standard euro-3) and economical fuel consumption. Not only that power / maximum power of 95 PS / 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 130 Nm / 4,000 rpm so the car is powered from low rpm and can maneuver in and out of the city.
    This engine uses Drive-By-Wire Technology to produce the performance of the machine more accurate, responsive and more responsive acceleration because it supported the ECM system (Electronics Control Module) and the fuel valve opening is controlled by a potentiometer sensor cable replacement gas. Power generated to be optimal, more fuel-efficient and low exhaust emissions making it more friendly to the environment or eco-friendly.

    Proton Ertiga looks exactly the same. Maybe this is how Suzuki plan to enter Malaysian MPV market through Proton. They believe this model will compete better in compact MPV with some cars like Perodua Alza, Toyota Avanza and Nissan Grand Livina.

    According to car reviewer, this car is better in terms of ability to slide 2nd row seat, 2nd row independant blower that will provide enough air conditioning to 3rd row, lighter steering for city driving, more fuel economy up to 17km/l, higher seat position, quieter cabin and just enough engine performance to carry 7 passengers.

    Above is the interior of Suzuki Ertiga MPV that would be similar to Proton Ertiga MPV.

    Picture above shows how the 3rd row can accommodate an adult. The size is quite identical to Perodua Alza. This Proton Ertiga is based on the Suzuki Swift platform but with a 3 row of seat.

    Below is the video review of the same model and this can give you an idea how Proton Ertiga will look like and drive like.

    We hope Proton can do more design changes rather than just copy paste to just rebadge the car. This is frustrating seriously. If this car enters into the market, then how about our own 1st locally made Proton Exora? They should revamp the exora to be a full 7 seater that can compete with a minivan MPV like Toyota Estima and Honda Odyssey.

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