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    MITSUBISHI FUSO’s already extensive line up of work-horse truck range received a timely new year boost with the introduction of the Canter FG 4X4, the first four wheel drive truck in Malaysia.

    A testament to the automaker’s commitment and leadership in innovative commercial truck technology, the FG 4X4, the new generation in the MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter range highlights once again on improved safety, comfort and drivability, further expanding the versatility of the Canter range first unveiled in1963.



    Speaking at the launch of the vehicle, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, Mr. Roland S. Folger, said the roll-out of the MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter FG 4X4 marks a new milestone for the company as the pioneer distributor of the first four-wheel drive truck in Malaysia.

    “We had a great start to 2012 with the launch of three new models in our luxury passenger car range and we are absolutely excited to welcome the MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter FG 4X4 which we expect to drive and extend the brand’s equity in the Malaysian truck sector while enhancing FUSO sales by 250 units,” he added.

    A key feature of the MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter FG 4X4 is its new DUONIC 5-speed dual-clutch transmission. The smooth-shifting manual transmission when combined with the transfer case and front locking hubs, allows drivers the on-road economy of a two-wheel drive while simultaneously offering the versatility of a four-wheel drive when the front hubs are manually locked. Ideal for the agriculture and construction sectors, this Canter FG 4X4 boasts a compact yet extremely robust chassis and has excellent maneuverability on off-road conditions, crowded job sites and even while navigating through tight plantations.

    Besides its enhanced drivability, the new light-duty truck is also equipped with a turbocharged intercooler engine which not only promises great performance but also boasts green credentials. Compliant to EURO 2 Emission standards, this Canter FG 4X4 meets today’s stringent emission regulations as well as provides customers the benefit of a fuel-efficient vehicle.

    To give drivers a smoother and comfortable driving experience, this Canter FG 4X4 offers generous interior dimensions, extensive storage space, advanced ergonomics as well as an in-dash gearshift to provide greater comfort without compromising convenience.

    Mr. Albert Yee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Commercial Vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia explained that the MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter FG 4X4 was designed and built to meet the needs of truckers and was more than capable of standing up to heavy workload and rough terrain.

    “Harsh road conditions, brutal weather and long-distance journeys to remote, hilly and uneven terrains are just some of the many situations faced by Malaysian truckers every day. Although common, these situations would be a nightmare to most without the support and reassurance of a reliable and versatile vehicle. And needless to say, this Canter FG 4X4 offers just that!” he added.

    MITSUBISHI FUSO achieved commendable sales in 2011, amidst the tsunami disaster in Japan which had a marginal impact on the assembly of trucks. With strong government impetus to boost the nation’s industrial sector, demand for light commercial vehicles is expected to increase correspondingly. In line with the potential growth of the Malaysian commercial vehicle market which accounted for a 5.2 per cent increase in total sales in 2011, the company is confident of a bigger contribution from its commercial vehicle operations.

    Highlighting the encouraging market sentiment and the increased demand for commercial vehicles in the country, Folger believes that this first-of-its-kind Canter FG 4X4 will appeal to Malaysian customers and mirror the success of past FUSO trucks.

    “We’ve targeted to sell 2,500 units of the various FUSO models this year with this new Canter FG 4X4 making a significant contribution. With a strong line-up of products which is furthered strengthened by the MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter FG 4X4, we foresee a steady growth in market share following the very encouraging demand for the Canter series. We envisage more than a 40 per cent increase in overall FUSO sales this year,” he added.

    The new MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter FG 4X4 which is rated with a 5-ton GVW capacity is readily available in Malaysia and has already attracted strong interest. This new Canter FG 4X4 will be assembled at the Mercedes-Benz Malaysia plant in Pekan alongside other FUSO models.

    As one of the leading commercial vehicle brands in Asia, MITSUBISHI FUSO’s strong presence is much felt throughout the region. In Malaysia, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has 37 dealer outlets nationwide to promote the Canter models with plans afoot to open several others this year.

    Unveiled internationally in various countries including Japan, Europe, the United States, South Africa, Australia and other ASEAN countries, the new generation Canter represents a leap forward in light-duty truck design, and has received high marks for its various offerings particularly environment, economy and safety.

    Nama Mitsubishi Canter Fuso sudah tidak asing di negara kita dan kini barisannya disertai oleh model terbaru yang dilengkapi pacuan empat roda yang pertama seumpamanya di Malaysia. Dikuasakan oleh enjin 3.9 liter turbo, trak yang dibina di kilang Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) di Pekan, Pahang ini mempunyai kapasiti Berat Keseluruhan Kasar (GVW) sebanyak lima tan.   Berbeza dengan kenderaan 4×4 biasa, trak ini tidak dilengkapi LSD dan hab hadapan perlu dikunci secara manual untuk menukarkannya kepada mod pacuan empat roda.   Menurut Pengurus Kanan Jualan dan Pemasaran Kenderaan Komersial MBM, Albert Yee, model ini direka khas bagi memenuhi keperluan pengguna Malaysia dan mensasarkan penjualan sebanyak 2,500 unit Canter FG 4×4 tahun ini.

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