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  • New Audi A4 2008 In Malaysia

    New Audi A4 in Malaysia

    Audi a4 malaysia 3

    Audi already launched a new Audi A4 2008 in Malaysia. The new design is absolutely different with new and unique headlamp equiped with LED that will illuminate all the time on day light. Below are the details about the new audi A4 2008.

    Audi a4 malaysia

    Climate-controlled comfort seats
    The optional climate-controlled comfort seats are luxuriously comfortable: their seat and backrest surfaces can be ventilated and heated.

    advanced key
    If your A4 is fitted with the optional advanced key system, it doesn’t just unlock the doors automatically when you touch the door handle, it also remembers the personal settings for up to four users – for the seat positions and the automatic air conditioning, for example.

    new Audi a4 malaysia

    3-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning
    The optional 3-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning has separate air and temperature controls for the driver, front passenger and for the rear of the cabin. The air flows out indirectly, thus providing maximum comfort for all occupants.

    Bang & Olufsen sound system
    Top entertainment: with 505 watts of music power, ten channels and 14 speakers, the optional Bang & Olufsen sound system with surround sound provides genuine listening pleasure in the A4.

    Audi a4 malaysia 4

    Audi parking system advanced
    The optional Audi parking system advanced with rearview camera shows you the area behind the car in the MMI display. Digital guidelines in the display make parking even easier.

    Audi a4 new 2008
    Driver information system
    The optional driver information system makes sure you always keep an eye on all important information. But not only that: the gear display helps you choose the right gear so that you can actively save fuel.

    The petrol engines in the A4 are equipped with TFSI® technology that have been tried and tested in motorsport. TFSI® combines FSI® with a turbocharger to deliver even more power. Petrol models are available as both four- and six-cylinder versions. The range at model launch extends from 118 kW (160 bhp) to 195 kW (265 bhp).

    Fuel consumption and emission data:

    Audi A4 1.8 TFSI, 118 kW (160 bhp); combined fuel consumption 7.1 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 169 g/km

    Audi a4 malaysia 3

    LED daytime running lights
    The slimline, xenon plus headlights (optional on S line models) not only look good, they are also technically sophisticated: a strip of 14 LED lights provides the daytime running light function. LED lights consume considerably less energy than normal dipped headlights and have a considerably longer working life.

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