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    Naza has unveiled it’s Naza Solar Car produced by Taylor’s University Eco team which cost RM65k for the Shell Eco Challenge competition. Shell Eco Marathon Asia will take place from the 6th to 9th July at the Sepang International Circuit. Read further news from bernama below.



    KUALA LUMPUR, July 5 (Bernama) — Naza World sees a great opportunity via the younger generation to strengthen the Naza brand with the unveiling of its RM65,000 solar vehicle Tuesday.

    Naza Group of Companies group executive chairman Datuk Wira SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin said the group, which currently recorded a 70 per cent share of its foreign brand, was eager to play a role in integral projects that provide the automotive industry with greener options for the future.

    “Naza is proud to support the inspirations of Malaysia’s youth, and we’re always encouraged to empower the younger generation since there are a lot of potential in them to create a better leader.

    “This is such a great vehicle designed by our youths. We will look for other opportunities because this is a kind of “win-win” situation,” he told reporters after handing a cheque for RM65,000 to sponsor the Taylor’s Eco Team.

    Built by a team of five first-year engineering students of Taylor’s University, the energy-efficient vehicle was designed to compete in the upcoming Shell Eco-Challenge Race in two categories — urban and prototype.

    The winning vehicle is the one that achieves the farthest distance using the least amount of energy.


    Citizens of the 21st century are no strangers to the current energy shortage and pollution problem. Doing their part to address this issue, Taylorís University and NAZA World deployed their NAZA World Taylorís Eco Team to design and build an extremely efficient solar vehicle to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon Asia competition

    This futuristic vehicle was designed and built by a five-member-team of first year chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering students from Taylor’s University School of Engineering. They are Low Kean Peng (team manager), Nur Fatinah binti Abd Aziz, Firnaaz Ahamed, Wong Zhou Hong and Chia Wai Kit Louis. Firnaaz Ahamed and Louis Chia Wai Kit are the appointed drivers. The solar powered car is powered by an impact hand drill motor and is made mainly of fibreglass and mild steel.

    “NAZA is proud to support and encourage the aspirations of Malaysiaís youth. Our contribution in this endeavour is well worthwhile as it is in line with our hopes that one day our roads will have energy efficient vehicles that enable better conservation of our environment. We are always eager to play a role in integral projects such as this that provide the automotive industry with greener options for the future. On this effort, I wish the NAZA World Taylorsí Eco Team, semoga bejaya!’stated Datuk Wira SM Faisal, Joint Group Executive Chairman of NAZA Group of Companies.

     Held for the second time in Malaysia this year, the Shell Eco Marathon Asia will take place from the 6th to 9th July at the Sepang International Circuit. NAZA World-Taylorís Eco Team is one of 121 teams from different universities taking place in this challenge which has two categories, urban and prototype. The vehicle that achieves the farthest distance on the least amount of energy will be declared the winner. The NAZA World-Taylorís Eco Team will be competing in the prototype category, as it allows them to test new design concepts.

    Associate Professor Dr. Mushtak Al-Atabi, the team supervisor and the Dean of Taylorís University School of Engineering, attributed the success of his students to the Project Based Learning approach that the school has adopted. ìProject Based Learning at Taylorís School of Engineering is developed to challenge multidisciplinary teams of students using real life projects to bring the best out of them. This way the students will develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills besides the technical skills making them highly sought after individuals by future employers,î Dr. Al-Atabi added.

    Professor Datoí Dr. Hassan Said, Taylorís University Vice Chancellor and President, is very glad to see leading industry player Naza World endorsing the School of Engineeringís efforts. ìAs we continue to push the limits through the use of Project Based Learning, we truly appreciate industry players coming forward to support us as we pursue our journey to develop graduates who are highly sought after by top employers, graduates who will be able to contribute positively toward making Malaysia a high income nation,î he said.

    Taylorís University School of Engineering has the honour of being the only private institution in Malaysia to be a member of the prestigious CDIO initiative. The university also recently won the National Formula Varsity Race, in which a team of 7 first year students conceived, designed, built and raced the TRT racing car.

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