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    naza 206 bestari premium edition

    In response to customer requests and surveys, Naza Corporation has introduced a premium version of their popular Naza 206 5-door hatchback. Simply called the Naza 206 Premium, this model has several premium upgrades over the standard Naza 206 Bestari. Enhancements that are found on the new 206 Premium are as follows:

    1. 2-tone leather seats with Peugeot logo on the front seat backs
    2. Leather wrapped steering wheel
    3. Leather interior trim
    4. 3 rear head restraints
    5. Addition of 2 rear (original) speakers – total 6 speakers
    6. Seat back pockets for front seats
    7. Peugeot sill plates
    8. Hood insulator
    9. Reverse sensor
    10. Door visors
    11. Body coloured door handles, side protector strips and bumpers
    12. New design 14” sport rims with Peugeot hub caps
    13. Body coloured rear spoiler
    14. 206 “Premium” badging

    The enhancements are designed to provide for a more upmarket and luxurious feel to the 206. Mr Derick Tan, Marketing Manager of Naza Corporation said “the 206 Premium appeals to those who want a certain degree of differentiation in their 206. They are looking for the finer things in life within an affordable package. This is why we have included many premium features, like the leather interior, more speakers for better sound reproduction, the hood insulator for a quieter drive and also additional Peugeot branding inside and around the car. This 206 Premium compliments the new Peugeot 407 Premium that was just launched.”

    Retailed at RM71,888 on-the-road price, the 206 Premium is a limited edition model and is only available is four colours: Quick Silver, Aegean Blue, Svelte Grey and Onyx Black. The new 206 Premium is also available through Nasim Sdn Bhd.

    naza 206 bestari premium

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