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    We can see a lot of insight hybrid on the road now. The looks not so impressive when it is in standard exterior. This bodykit images can give you an idea on how cool an insight can be. The popular bodykit by mugen is enough for insight owner to give their ride a gorgeous looks.

    Hybrid powertrains and performance rarely find themselves in the same sentence. Famed Honda tuning house Mugen can be credited for this occasion. The Honda tuning specialist has set its sights on the all-new Insight by developing a line of parts that address the footwork and aerodynamic aura of Honda’s fuel-sipper.


    Mugen’s body tuning scheme includes a front grille designed to feed air into the engine and also smooth its path over the hood. A lip spoiler and side skirts tag-team to manage airflow around the car while an intimidating rear deck wing manages turbulence at the rear of the car.
    Suspension-wise, Mugen looks to maximize the performance of the Insight’s low-resistance, high-mileage tires with a set of sport-tuned lowering coils that drop the Honda 20mm and specially valved shocks that tighten up the chassis. Mugen will also offer two sets of shoes for the Insight, the XJ, a lightweight 16-inch mesh wheel and the NR, a 15-inch, 8-spoke. Both wheels can be had in a choice of colors/finishes

    Exclusive Zeus, Japanese tuning firm, has released its styling kit for the new Honda Insight hybrid.

    The Exclusive Zeus Honda Insight kit consists of new front and rear spoiler, a blacked out front grille, new aluminum side skirts, a lowered suspension system and a set of new alloy wheels wrapped with low profile tires.


     one of the custom bodykit fitted on Honda Insight Hybrid. nice and futuristic design.



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    1. shiran says:

      I want to buy bodykits for honda insight 2010

    2. Nana says:

      How can I get a body kit for my Honda Insight 2010. I’m in New Jersey.

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