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    New contribution by Daniel Sim

    Last December, I had a rare privilege to drive a yet to be launched MAZDA 2 from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, 5 months before the official launch in Malaysia.

    Besides the refined Craftmanship and Dynamic Design and despite the fact that it is CKDed in Rayong, Thailand, The Zoom-Zoom Philosophy/Characteristics has proved yet again very much alive, inherited DNA, exhilirated and a natural “born-to-be” spirited MAZDA 2¬† in it’s own right.

    I started the journey from Hatyai, South Thailand, travelled some 600 kilometres down to Kuala Lumpur. The experience was simply insightful….It can only be expressed¬† through MAZDA’s Origins and History. Only then one can understand how it was engineered with it’s pure hearts and souls…to every meaningful words mankind could find in it’s very economic, competitive and popular segment.


    During the journey, I had my datas and analysis all recorded down as I would like to share my experience on the next posts.
    The ever important issues like Driving Performance, Petrol Consumption, Torque/Rpm, Road Handlings, and other technicalities will be discussed.

    MAZDA 2 –My Driving Experience from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur

    …..The 7 hours drive from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur (7.00pm -3.00am) has provide further insights and revealed the actual driving dynamics, roomy designs and excellent braking systems. The REVIEW would be Very Confident in Road Handlings within it’s ever compact B Segment. Without any doubt, an Over-Whelming response from the general public is fully anticipated when Mazda 2 Sedan and Hatchback is finally launched in April 2010 in Malaysia. Mazda 2, the 2008 WORLD CAR OF THE YEAR will be given thumbs up amongst the ever passionate Mazda lovers, drivers or followers in Malaysia. Moreover, when the WORLD/Global Automotive Communities had unanimously endorsed it.


    The actual tally count reveals a practical and achievable consumption as follows:
    Consumption: 7 Litres for 100 kilometers which would costs 12sen/kilometer. Full petrol tank (42 Litres) was filled-in at Thai border costing RM75 before commencing the 600 kilometers drive back home to Kuala Lumpur. Overall consumption is Good.


    Equipped with Anti Brake Lock System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Brake Assist (BA) and Dual SRS (Airbags). A practical life experience reveals a confident, safe driving and controllable chassis even at high speed.
    Mazda is known for it’s effective braking systems within the global automotive industry. By experience, I had slammed the brake at 150km/hr and the result shows the chassis handles very steadily thus provide full driver confidence. Another thumb ups as I would like to further highlight. A strong and tough front portion of the vehicle does not dip as opposed to the other more conservative or generally designed market marques.


    Max Speed of 160 kilometers/hr is achieved through the flooring technics under initial sport mode.
    At constant speed of 100 kilometers/hr, rpm was at 2650. Low NVH is instantly noticed when the engine is ignited and is in idle mode. One would instantly agree that it is built with a quiet S-VT engine.

    In this case, Mazda 2 inherits the stand alone DNA and is built based on Mazda’s outstanding self created philosophical concept of Zoom-Zoom.

    Welcome to the Mazda Family !

    Written by: Daniel Sim

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