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    Team Proton R3 will be competing at the 2nd round of the Malaysian Super series this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit. Qualifying at 4pm on Saturday, and 2 race heats starting at noon on Sunday. The team will have Faidzil Alang and Syafiq Ali in a Satria Neo, and GEN.2. Read the full news by Chips Yap from Motortrader below.


    Team Proton R3 will aim to extend its lead at the top of the Malaysian Super Series 2011 (MSS) for this weekend’s second round. The team emerged second in Heat 1 and first in Heat 2 for the Round 1 which was run as a support race for the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix in April.

    Faidzil Alang, in a lone Proton R3 Satria Neo, qualified in pole position but had to settle for 2nd in Heat 1 after suffering an electrical problem. With the problem fixed for Heat 2, he drove a dominant race to take the chequered flag. Faidzil is no stranger to Malaysian motorsports and is widely regarded as one of the most successful circuit drivers, with the overall win at the 2006 Merdeka Millennium Endurance race, the pinnacle of his career.

    This weekend sees the team stronger with the addition of a second car in the form of a Proton R3 Gen2. The second car will be piloted by young Syafiq Ali who has previously driven for Proton. His achievements so far include winning the 2008 Asian Touring Car Series Championship for the 1500Max class and a Class B win in the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race in the same year. Both achievements were achieved behind the wheel of a Proton Satria Neo.

    “In the short time Syafiq has been a racing driver, he has built up a reputation for being quick, disciplined and a team player. We are happy to have him aboard again as a driver for Team Proton R3,” said Tengku Djan Ley, Head of Engineering at Proton’s Motorsports Division. “Together with Faidzil Alang, we can’t ask for a better team this weekend.”

    “The old adage – win on Sunday, sell on Monday – still holds true today for Proton R3. Much of the lessons learnt on the race and rally tracks have found their way into our showroom limited edition R3 vehicles. Any Proton owner can also equip their vehicles with our accessories and parts that have been inspired and honed through rigorous testing and competition,” said Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood, Head of Proton’s Motorsports Division.

    The MSS is now an annual event on the local motorsports calendar and is considered the Premiere National Championship for circuit racing. The series includes competition of various classes of motor cars as well as motorcycles. The 5-round championship event has since grown to be very competitive and serious, attracting drivers and teams from neighboring countries. There will be 3 rounds remaining after this weekend for the 2011 season.


    Faidzil Alang clinches Pole position with a 2:41.941, while Syafiq is 4th fastest after having some problems with the engine misfiring, with a time of 2:53.342.



    0900 hrs – 0930 hrs Bikerz Cup Race 1
    0945 hrs – 1015 hrs Classic Car Race 1
    1030 hrs – 1100 hrs Supersport Race 1
    1115 hrs – 1145 hrs Superbikes/Superstock Race 1
    1200 hrs – 1230 hrs GT/Sport/Touring Production/MTC Race 1
    1245 hrs – 1315 hrs Classic Car Race 2
    1330 hrs – 1400 hrs Supersport Race 2
    1415 hrs – 1445 hrs Superbikes/Superstock Race 2
    1500 hrs – 1530 hrs GT/Sport’Touring Production/MTC Race 2
    1545 hrs – 1615 hrs Bikerz Cup Race 2

    MSS CARS – Top Three After Round 1

    1.Dilantha Malagamuwa (Lamborghini) 50
    2. Mok Weng Sun (Porsche 911 GT3R) 40
    3. Ian Mao (Porsche 996 GT3) 30

    1.Stewart Seatter Mazda RX7 45
    2. Rocky Siow Lotus Exige 30
    3. Samson Chan Craft Eurasia Racing Ginetta G50Z GT3 25

    1.Simon Waters (Aston Martin GT4) 45
    2. Mark Williamson (Aston Martin GT4) 45
    3. Fahrizal Hassan (Aston Martin GT4) 25

    1.Perajun Krishnan (Honda Integra DC5) 50
    2. Ian Geekie (Honda Integra DC5) 40
    3. Harry Chai (Honda EP3) 30

    1.Faidzil Alang (Proton Satria Neo) 45
    2. Siah W. Pyng (Proton Satria Neo) 35
    3. Aaron Lim (Proton Satria Neo) 25

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