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    Before this there are some news that said Air Asia will buy BMW Sauber, now BMW Sauber has been linked with Malaysian Government.Read the full news from the autoevolution below.


    After India and US Grand Prix Engineering (in 2010) , another nation is looking to make its way into Formula One. According to Swiss newspaper Blick, Peter Sauber has this week travelled to Malaysia to discuss a potential buyout of the Hinwil based operations.

    Sauber, who is currently owning 20 percent of the Swiss team, is looking to secure a powerful investor, ready to take over from German manufacturer BMW from 2010 onwards. The team is yet to be confirmed on the 2010 Formula One entry list, as neither BMW, nor Sauber have managed to find a new management for their F1 operations.

    Malaysia is already a big part of F1 racing through the sponsorship deal between BMW Sauber and state owned oil company Petronas. However, no official statement on the matter has been made public by the Malaysian government. According to the aforementioned source “in his (Sauber’s) luggage could be good news for the future,” regarding the Swiss’ visit to Malaysia.

    Another possibility for safeguarding the Hinwil based team would be, as suggested in the media lately, a potential deal “with Lotus, Litespeed and Mike Gascoyne in a separate start-up operation,” as reported by the GMM news agency.

    Lotus has recently appointed a new CEO – Switzerland’s Dany Bahar – and are likely to rethink their entire motor racing strategy for the future. And it was the very Bahar who announced it, earlier this week.

    “I am looking forward to taking on the challenges as CEO of this legendary and iconic company with a peerless motor sport history. I can’t wait to get my plans underway in October,” said Bahar.

    In the meantime, Epsilon Euskadi – one of the teams bidding for a Formula One entry next year – confirmed for Spanish news agency EFE that the FIA will make their final decision on the complete 2010 entry list in “two weeks”.

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    2 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      Janganlah kerajaan Malaysia perhabis duit cukai rakyat belanja untuk F1. Kalau nak sponsor, sponsor la melallui Goverment Linked Company spt Petronas. Lotus atau Proton yang masing2 boleh naikkan imej company tu. Kalau itu sy setuju. Apapun pelaburan yg dibaut daripada F1 mestilah menampakkan hasilnya. Kalau setakat lebih kurang macam tu jer company tu tak da peningkatan dari segi nilai jenama, kebolehpercayaan dan perolehan teknologi baru, baik tak payah berkecimpung.. buat habis beras ajer..

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      Lagi 1

      kalau takdir mana2 GLC Malaysia terpilih untuk diberi peluang melabur dlm pasukan F1, WAJIB GLC letakkan dalam syarat perjanjian agar diberi kuota khas untuk melatih pemandu2 dari Malaysia supaya satu hari nanti mampu juga raih pendapatan ratusan juta RM, peruntukkan kuota untuk melatih rakyat Malaysia dalam kejuruteraan F1 juga bagi peluang untuk rakyat Malaysia yang pakar terlibat menyumbang dlm bahagian2 penting pasukan sAUBER f1.

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