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    Malaysia has many professional and amateur drivers in drifting sports.Our king of Drift, already dominated in the drifting competition last weekend.Read the full news from CBT by Daniel Wong below.


    Malaysian drifter Tengku Djan dominated the Formula Drift Singapore ProAm 2009 last weekend.Fellow compatriots Mohd Johan Norman bin Azman and Ariff Johanis bin Ahmad from Team Goodyear took second and third place respectively.The event was held for the second time at the  , where 37 professional and amateur drivers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia competed for top honours.
    The first day of the event saw drivers from Team Goodyear giving a drift demonstration to members of the media.Cars, Bikes & Trucks managed to get a seat beside Nakorn Cotraviwat, one of Team Goodyear’s drivers from Thailand, in his Toyota Soarer JZZ30.The stripped out Toyota bolted forward without hesitation into the first bend. A quick tap of the brakes and flick of the steering, the car was thrown out of balance and the drift was initiated.Despite the wailing tyres and the car being technically out of control, the cabin inside was surprisingly serene and calm.
    The rest of the day was wrapped up with media interviews and technical inspection and revision for the drivers.Present at the event was Jane Cheah, the first and only female participant of the competition, along with her husband, fellow Goodyear teammate and competitor Ariff.”Drifting is essentially all about car control,” said Jane.”It is a good discipline for anyone to pick up and learn, as it helps you control your car in emergency situations. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, it is for everyone.”Ariff, who currently operates his own event organising business called Sync Optima Sdn Bhd, said that drifting is much more easier and affordable than one might think.

    “Besides organising drift events, we conduct our own drift clinics to train anyone who is interested in drifting. All you need is your own rear wheel drive car and a driver’s licence.”For more information on drift events and clinics organised by Sync Optima Sdn Bhd, log on to www.syncoptima.com. 

    “Tyres are an important aspect of drifting,” said Ariff.”We are thankful that we have the support of Goodyear. Good tyres will provide us with the confidence, control and consistency in drifting.”On the second day, the venue was opened up to the spectators, as participants began their practice sessions round the circular course outlined by concrete barriers.A number of drivers careened into the barriers. Fortunately, nobody was injured during the course of the competition.The next day was kicked off with the qualifying session, with drivers given two runs. Drivers were judged on their speed, line taken, angle of the drift and style.

    From 37 participants, the judges narrowed the list to the top 16 drivers for the next round.Ariff made the top three, behind Tengku Djan and his teammate Tan Tat Wei. Unfortunately, Jane finished a position shy of the top 16, as a crash during practice damaged her rear wheel alignment.”We didn’t have any wheel alignment equipment here to repair the damage,” said Jane after the Top 16 names were announced.”But we managed to compensate by adjusting the rear tyre pressure and it worked.”The top 16 drivers were then put through an elimination ladder, where the top drivers challenged the bottom drivers to a tandem drift. Both drivers took turns leading and following, where the lead driver set the pace while the following driver just has to keep up in a side-by-side drifting spectacle.
    The penultimate round of the tandem drift ladder saw Tengku Djan in his Toyota Corolla AE86 in a face-off with Ariff in his Nissan Silvia S13, followed by Johan in his Nissan C33 Laurel later in the final round.On both occasions, Tengku Djan put on a consistent performance that won the approval of the judges, and the title.Goodyear, the sponsor of Formula Drift Singapore, later announced its sponsorship of Formula Drift in Thailand and Malaysia in November and December.Goodyear also announced that it will be starting its own Goodyear International Drift Series, in 2010. The series will be held in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand monthly, culminating with a final competition at the end of the year.”The Goodyear drift series will be a proper series open to other teams and sponsors,” said Richard Fleming, managing director of Goodyear Asean.”We want to provide an environment to foster the sport of drifting. We find the sport more relevant as it enables us to take lessons from drifting and apply it to our tyres.”

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