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    Lotus City Car Design Concept

    When talk about Lotus, people will imagine about Elise, Exige, Europa and their new Evora.But, how about a small car which is same size as the the Smart fortwo and Toyota iQ car?. I’m sure rthat some of you can’t imagined it.It is because it is really different from the Lotus sportscar model.And maybe this model will be the new model for Proton?

    Lotus City Car Design Concept

    The Lotus future City Car was drawn by the head of Lotus Design, Russell Carr after the Automotive Engineer magazine asked him to imagine on how  a future City Car would look like and, even better, how could Lotus improve on the Smart fortwo and Toyota iQ.

    Lotus City Car Design Concept

    And here is the result. A four seater vehicle, short as an usual city car, yet lower than most of its possible competitors. Building on the advantages given by its small size, Carr dreamt up sliding doors instead of regular ones. The glass roof and large rear window complete the aspect of the car.

    Lotus City Car Design Concept

    The Lotus City Car powered by a single motor developing 30 kW and electrically steered with two blocks of four 10 kW/each batteries, installed in a sandwich floor.The solar cells also equipped with this car to add range of the batteries.It it also epuipped with the single electric motor is mated to a reduction gear and a single button, which is to be used to make the car go forward or backwards.The Lotus City Car’s drivetrain is designed to be as user-friendly as it gets.

    We hope that Proton and Lotus will make this model to become reality.Maybe they can beat the Smart fortwo and also Toyota iQ.

    Lotus City Car Design Concept

    The interior – looks simple.


    Lotus City Car – Charging point at the front.


    Lotus City Car Interior.


    Lotus City Car Concept – A car for four passenger.

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    7 Responses

    1. erm.. looks a bit ugly 4 me. :p
      maybe its because the car length that bothers me,. or maybe too tall.
      why not make it a bit longer? looks like the space is a bit cramped when 4 people inside.

      but overall, I love the concept of electric city car. and the door, even though looks weird but its better when parking at a small parking space.

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      lawa per. da pulak ckp hodoh. ni lah 1 design yg lawa dari lotus

    3. erk.. hehe.. ok ok.. lawa lawa.. :p

    4. lineClear says:

      cantik gak.. leh wat kete g kerja, mpv tok lek kg ngan fmily.

    5. Man says:

      Dashboard dia macam Gen 2 pun ada, macam savvy pun ada. Booth belakang kena besar sikit untuk isi barang pasar.

    6. dia pnye interior mmg aku suka.
      KISS! = Keep It Stupid & Simple! :p
      seat belakang tu foldable kot supaya leh boh barang besar sket bila diperlukan..

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