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    Without we realized, there is a Malaysia Vehicle assembler, LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd which assemble a pickup trucks under it’s own brand, LMG Trekker 2.2L that is claimed to be competitive with it’s price, looks and less fuel consumption. This pick-up truck uses hydrogen as it’s additional fuel. The hydrogen module called Hydroxene support 40% fuel generated from water. View more info regarding the 4×2 pickup truck LMG Trekker 2.2L which will exported to Indonesia. 500 LMG Trekker will be exported every month to meet Indonesia pickup trucks demand with it’s lowest price starting from around RM55k.

    A Bumiputera automotive company, LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd, will export 500 “LMG” pick-up trucks produced by the company to Indonesia every month beginning April to meet the demand in the republic.



    Company founder-cum-chairman Datuk Abdullah Shikh (rpt Shikh) Mohamed said LM Star has appointed Bina Manajemen Adhistana as the sole distributor for its trucks in Indonesia.

    “Eventhough we will send 500 pick-up trucks to Indonesia every month, it is still not enough to meet the demand from the buyers in Indonesia,” he told BERNAMA today.

    Bina Manajemen Adhistana has a service centre network throughout Indonesia.

    Abdullah said the price quoted for the LMG pick-up trucks was competitive than the price for pick-up trucks produced by foreign automotive companies operating in Indonesia.

    Pick-ups manufactured by his company are sold at 190 million rupiahs as compared to 250 million rupiahs by its closest competitor.

    “This showed our price is very competitive,” he said.

    Currently, the market for pick-up trucks in Indonesia is controlled by Mitsubishi, a leading japanese automaker.

    Abdullah said although his price was cheaper than the competitor, LM Star gave importance to the quality of its trucks powered by Toyota engine and technology.

    For the domestic market, he said LM Star was restructuring its distributor network, forcusing on its Johor market first.

    “The Johor market has vast potential for its LMG pick-up trucks as evident from bookings received by our distributors in Johor Baharu, Johor Jaya and Kota Tinggi.

    “As of now, our distributor in Kota Tinggi has received orders for 450 LMG trucks, while bookings at the Johor Jaya outlet have touched 1,200,” he added.






    PRICE : RM 55,476.20

    3 Y E A R S F R E E Service & Warranty *From the date of registration or 120,000Km .whichever come first. *Free services package incl. Engine Oil,Coolant,Oil Filter,Spark Plug, Gear Oil,Air Filter, Fuel Filter,Brake Fluid + Labour Charge , (*Not included wear and tear items)


    ABOUT LM AUTO STAR -LM Autoworld Sdn Bhd

    Founded in August 27, 2004 by Datuk Abdullah Shikh Mohamed, LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd is the manufacturer of the stylish LMG Trekker 2.2L (4X2). Our LMG Trekker 2.2L is known for the attractive price, stylish design, its low fuel consumption and an excellent after sales services.

    In view of the overwhelming demand from overseas especially in the Middle East, the company decided to assemble the car locally in Malaysia as to have a better system of management and control over the production and the quality of the car. LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd is teaming up with Oriental Assemblers to assemble the cars locally under its own brand name “LMG”. LMG car will consist of 48% : 52% ratio of local and imports contents. The car will be equipped with Toyota engine and other spare parts like car seat, dashboard, steering, rim, tires, grill, bumper and body kits from locally selected Proton/ Perodua/ Naza vendors. Sales, repair and after sales services will be carried out by 1 Super Dealer, authorized dealers and 34 Petronas service centres nationwide, including Sabah and Sarawak where 17 of the service centres are already operating and another 17 are still in progress. LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd also has a 24 hours Mobile Service Team which are constantly ready to give support whenever our client is in need.

    High competition in this industry requires the company to place strong involvement in the business in order to enhance national automotive industry and successfully contribute to the economic growth and development.

    LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd is being headed by Datuk Abdullah who also acts as Chairman of the company. Datuk Abdullah is no stranger to the local automotive industry as he has been involved in the car business for more than 20 years through his other company, Lulus Motor Sdn Bhd. Lulus Motor was established in 1984 having its office cum showroom in Johor Bahru and a branch in Kuala Lumpur. The company is among few car dealers in the country that been awarded APs by MITI and acts as importer and dealer of luxury cars mainly for southern region market in Johor. Being closely related to LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd, Lulus also acts as agent and dealers for LMG.

    Datuk Shikh Abdullah Chairman Of Lm Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd






    A) Warranty And Limitation Of Liability • LM Star Auto World Sdn Bhd warrants that your new LMG vehicle is free from defects in material (any items of the Basic and Specific Warranty) or workmanship, subject to the following terms and conditions. An authorized LMG service center will make the necessary repairs, using new LMG Genuine parts, to correct any problem covered by this warranty without any charge to the owner under normal use and maintenance.

    B) Standard Warranty and What Is Covered By The Warranty  B.1 – Basic Warranty Items • The basic warranty items which are items of new LMG vehicle (expect ” The specific items and the special transacted items” are warranted to 36 months or 120,000km whichever come first.

    B.2 – Specific Warranty Items • The specific warranty items listed below are warranted to 12 months or 40,000km which ever come first. • B.2.1 – Battery (for diesel – 6 months) • B.2.2 – Exhaust • B.2.3 – Injection nozzle (for diesel powered vehicle) • B.2.4 – Glow plug (for diesel powered vehicle)

    B.3 – Special Transacted Items • The special transacted items listed below are warranted by the concerned manufacturer. • B.3.1 – Audio System and Speaker • B.3.2 – Tyres • B.3.3 – Hydroxene Hydrogen Management System

    C) Warranty Start Date • The warranty period begins on the date vehicle is registered to the original purchaser.

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