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    In the 2010 International Geneva Motor Show, we have an opportunity take a close view with this cute car which is “Mia”.Mia is an electrical city car made by the new French carmaker Heuliez. It’s original name was the Heuliez Friendly but Heuliez has given a new name to this three-seater electric vehicle.Not much else seems to have changed, although the styling around the nose is now less cartoonish, and the windscreen is flatter than in the Friendly. With its small size and equipped with sliding doors, Mia is free from the most tighten parking area.It has central driving position which offers an amazing turning circle.The 2 rear seats also can be easily removed which offers a wider storing space in case of shopping or house moving. The packaging is still fantastic, providing an airy, spacious interior in a tiny footprint. Not very macho, though, even if it does share a seating layout with the McLaren F1.

    Mia is eco-friendly.Thanks to his conception, the car is composed of a maximum of recyclable components, of which most of them are supplied from regional areas.

    In it’s daily use, Mia respects the environment of the cities, the suburbs and the countryside.

    Developed around his electrical engine, mia is the first vehicle which optimized his range, his size and habitability.

    It can be driven up to 230km.

    Be Green, Be Mia.

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