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  • KDI Banner Advertisement Sponsorship

    KDI Banner advertisement sponsorship

    We are now offering an advertisement banner program for any company, business or individual who had interest in promoting their products or brands through our website http://kereta.info which has more than 10,000 unique visitor per day up to more than 20,000 unique visitor per day.


    That translates to nearly 1 MILLION page views per month. With the alexa rank getting higher and the facebook fan page increasing more than 9000 fans, we are sure that your advertisement banner will have a very good targeted traffic especially for car related products and brands.

    Let’s have some comparison here about website traffic rank by Alexa.com:



    1) Site Information for kereta.info Get Details

    Alexa world Traffic Rank: 212,689 Traffic Rank in MY: 2,823  ——- more info from original source click here


    >>>Kereta.info traffic nearly reach the malaysia’s No. 1 car manufacturer website, Proton car dealer:

    2) Site Information for proton-edar.com.my Get Details
    Alexa world Traffic Rank: 181,465 Traffic Rank in MY: 1,524  ——- more info from original source click here

    >>>Kereta.info traffic better than one of the car manufacturer official website, Ford Malaysia:

    3) Site Information for ford.net.my Get Details
    Alexa world Traffic Rank: 253,359 Traffic Rank in MY: 2,949  ——- more info from original source click here

    >>>Kereta.info traffic is double compare to Luxury car manufacturer website, Mercedes Benz Malaysia:

    4) Site Information for mercedes-benz.com.my Get Details
    Alexa world Traffic Rank: 390,348 Traffic Rank in MY: 2,358  ——- more info from original source click here

    *Note: data taken on 5th November 2012


    Why not double your traffic? and

    Spread your brand and let nearly 1 Million pair of eyes knows about your product every single month.


    While we offer cheaper advertisement rate card with TARGETED ads, Why advertise at local newspaper site with only 620×95 pixel banner for an expensive charge of RM9000/week?

    We offer you bigger advertisement banner 900×100 pixel ‘A’ banner size for maximum exposure on each of our 12,000 pages website which has lots of useful info.


    There are 2 more space for you to choose. ‘B’ banner size 300×250 pixel or ‘C’ banner size 110×400 pixel.

    How about the cost? you can expect more than 5 times cheaper than others if you contact us now.


    For more info, email us at [email protected]


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