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    K2N Energy Power System

    Today we want to give you some information about K2N energy power system and the PCV device.K2N energy power system is an environmentally products, simple and also amazing!.It can provides silky acceleration and analyze your personal driving style to adopt the engine speed accordingly.K2N energy power system is uniquely designed to be compact & effective.This products is unique because it works effectively with both petrol an diesel fuels.This product comes with a new fuel hose, extensions, 4 pieces of hose clip and also bracket.It is also environment-friendly as it produces a cleaner, odourless discharge.These two products disributed by the KTJ Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd.


    It is suitable for all type of engines

    K2N energy power system is comes in various sizes to allow it to be individually matched to each and every different characteristic of vehicles. The installation of this product is simple and fast. The installation process will only take you about 30 minutes.No modification on the engine needed and also it is easily transferable to other engines.

    The PCV device, on the other hand, complements a vehicle’s PCV system by effectively treating dirty and oily gases that flow in the PCV system.


    Luxury car also can use it


    – Easy Installation.
    – No modifications onengine.
    – Easily transferable.
    – Suitable for all engine.
    – Maintenance free
    – 3 years products warranty.
    – 7 days money back guarantee.
    – 12 months 0% interest installment plan.


    Two of the certificate show that it had been tested.

    This product had been tested by:
    Engine Tribology Laboratory, Universiti Malaya.
    Air Emission Study, Anametrice (M) Sdn Bhd.
    Malaysian Nuclear Agency ( Nuclear Malaysia)
    Dynamometer Test.



    The K2N energy power system is made up of naturally existing K2N bio-energy stones housed in a cannister that effectively changes the molecular structure of petroleum fuel or diesel, ionising it into smaller hyper-active molecules and misty gaseous which leads to a more complete engine combustion for better fuel efficiency and power.

    You also can return this product if you are not satisfied with it and get instant refund. But it must be in 7 days period.These products can be get at No.5, Jalan PJU 3/46, Sunway Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.



    Easy system that is maintenance free.


    A ship that used diesel engine also can use it.

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    1. wah..best nie…bape harge nie…mane nk dpt…
      masuk kt livina ble x…waranty kete hilang x klau pki mende nie…

    2. azameel says:

      warranty x kacau punye, kalo takut kacau pun time nk pg sc tu cabut balik bende tu bg nampak standard balik, sebab die macam plug n play je

    3. mm…harge plak mcm mne…kt mane kedai die..ade website die x..

    4. rboyz says:

      tul tu kalau leh bagi link untuk website sykt ni lagi bagus beb……

    5. Shah~ says:

      gi kat kakimotor sri muda shah alam.. macam pernah nampak tu. tapi harga X tau gi

    6. iz says:

      Owh..kalau nak more info boleh tpon 03-7880 1695/7880 2195, email die lak….. [email protected], ni lak website die… http://www.k2n.com.my/index.php

    7. diegienismo says:

      betul ker ni…kut nak kener tuning plak jer ni…tapi ermm ok bagus jgk..sape2 dah pakai above 1month tolong komen skit..

    8. zulkarnain says:

      mana boleh dapat k2n dealer dan berapa harga untuk pasang pada chery easter 2.4

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