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    honda civic hybrid meter


    There’s no reason why the government cannot reduce the tax to be on par with conventional vehicles if the usage of hybrid cars IN MALAYSIA brings benefit in fuel saving, dealers say.

    Government officials reportedly said that hybrid cars are now slapped with a 260 per cent import tax. This is in comparison to zero import duty for Asean-made vehicles and 30 per cent from non-Asean countries.

    Additionally, there are local exercise duties of 60-105 per cent for Asean and non-Asean cars, plus 10 per cent sales tax.

    International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said recently the duty structure for hybrid cars may be revised to attract global players to invest here.

    Wan Ahmad Sepwan said local car companies such as Proton and Perodua may not be ready to produce hybrid cars for now.

    “This technology is still expensive and it may not be feasible for Proton to develop hybrid cars in malaysia, especially with such a low volume or production.

    “The best way is for Proton to tie up with a technical partner to introduce such technology in double quick time,” he said.

    TAXES on hybrid cars should be reduced markedly to drive the use of such fuel-saving and environment-friendly vehicles amid soaring fuel costs, industry executives.

    They said the government could promote hybrid cars by encouraging the use of these vehicles within its own agencies and institutions.

    “There’s no reason why the government cannot reduce the tax to be on par with conventional vehicles if the usage of hybrid cars brings benefit in terms of fuel saving and environmental protection,” Proton Edar Dealers’ Association president Wan Ahmad Sepwan Wan Abdul Rahman told Business Times. -source : bernama

    Below is one of the available hybrid car in malaysia specification – Honda Civic hybrid :

    honda civic hybrid malaysia

    2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Specs

    1.3 liter SOHC 8 valve 4 cylinder gas engine
    IMA electric motor system
    110 combined HP @ 6000 RPM
    123 ft-lbs combined torque @ 1000-2500 RPM
    AT-PZEV rating
    Continuously Variable Transmission
    15? Alloy Hybrid-Only wheels
    34.8 ft turning radius
    106.3? wheelbase
    Fuel Consumption : EPA Ratings ( 2007 ) 49 MPG city / 51 MPG highway (17.346 KM/L – 18.054 KM/L)
    Curb Weight : 2875 lbs
    Automatic Climate Control
    Front / Side / Curtain airbags standard
    ABS standard

    Price : RM162,800.00

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