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    For today’s topic, let’s share with us on how to reduce and prevent “samseng jalanan” or “mat rempit” in Malaysia.When talk about about “samseng jalanan” or “mat rempit”  we can say that they are a nuisance, a bane to society and a source of public complaints.They are also silly show-offs who are a bunch of inconsiderate youngsters barking for attention for all the wrong reasons.

    To solve these social problems that are mounting up day by day in our country, we have to solve them at the root.We must find the root cause of the ”samseng jalanan ” or  “mat rempit” (illegal motorcycle racers) problem to find an enduring solution.

    Below are some suggestion that we got from some sources on how to reduce ”samseng jalanan ” or  “mat rempit” in Malaysia.

    1. School dropouts and failures at SPM level need to be given the opportunity to develop non- academic skills that will help them become self-sufficient. These include courses to train workers in non-academic skills so that they can be gainfully employed as mechanics, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, cementers, tilers, carpenters, welders etc.

    2. We need more football fields, more badminton and basketball courts, more affordable sport amenities for the young. There should be more spaces for games and sports in our cities and towns

    3. Recognise mental illnesses as a disability so that people with psychiatric illnesses will get free counselling, medication and basic sustenance income.

    4. The need to improve our public transport system to reduce dependency on motorcycles by the lower income groups in Malaysia. This will make it acceptable and justified when applying stricter penalties such as the suspension of driving licenses of motorcyclists who break the law.

    5. It is important to note that human beings all have the same needs – physical, emotional and spiritual. The way to tackle the Mat Rempit problem is simply that. Help them earn a decent living. Help them sort out their emotions and be able to build healthy relationships. Help them learn to empathise with others and to have a goal in life.

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