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    Vintage and Classic car has its own fans and clubs in Malaysia. Some of the vintage & classic car club in Malaysia are the Royal Malaysia Vintage and Classic Car Club, North Malaysia Vintage & Classic Car Register and the Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register.They have their own members and quite active in Malaysia.So, for today we would like to share on how to apply for Vintage and Classic status car in Malaysia.Read more information from JPJ/RTD below.

    Below are the Vintage and Classic car definitions by JPJ/RTD.


    Cars that qualify as vintage cars are 50 years old from date of manufacture.


    Cars that qualify as classic cars that have reached the age of 25 dari the date of their manufacture, including cars known as “collectors item”.

    From Selangor to Perlis: (front row, from right) Abdul Khalid and Rozilawati flagging off the Royal Classic Car Rally 2010 convoy.(Photo from The star).



    Motor car category are eligible to apply and be considered for categories of vehicles other than cars are not eligible to be considered. Other conditions that must be followed to obtain the status of the car / vintage classic for the purpose of reducing the Motor Vehicle Licence (MVL) is as follows:

    1. Cars that have been registered in this country no less than 25 years to apply and be considered. For import car classified vintage / classic also apply and be considered after a period of 2 years of registration in the country.
    2. The car has a high market value, similar to the value of antiques
    3. The current state of the car must be in new vehicles (mint), no rust, paint and chrome shiny and clean in the sense that as the state ‘show room.
    4. The car must be in a state of ‘roadworthy’ and all the systems it works fine.
    5. The car must have spesifaksi features, body shape and major components of origin during their manufacture.
    6. Modifications are allowed only for an increase in brake systems, electrical systems and fuel systems received on safety reasons.
    7. As a basic primary consideration, applicants must have more than 2 cars are registered in the name of its own.
    8. State of chassis and engine numbers must be clearly legible and not tampered.
    9. The owner must submit supporting letters / certificates of Vintage and Classic Car Club of the Royal Malaysia or other clubs that are recognized
    10. The car must be inspected by the Technical Officer / Inspector Motor Vehicle RTD Headquarters / State / Branch concerned.

    MSVCR Central Region members participated in a classic and vintage car display as part of the 125 year celebration festivities of the Royal Selangor Club.(Photo Credit to MSVCR).


    Application and examination of vintage / classic car can be made by:

    Automotive Engineering Division,
    RTD Headquarters,
    Level 2, Block D4, Parcel D,
    Federal Government Administrative Centre
    62620 Putrajaya.
    Tel: 03 88866400
    State RTD Enforcement Division / Branch


    1.A copy of registration card (together with the original)
    2.Copies of at least two registration cards of other cars on the register in the name of the applicant (and the original).
    3.Copy of identity card of owner / applicant.
    4.At least 4 photographs of the front, rear, side and the “steering / dashboard.
    5.Letter / certificate or a classic vintage of a recognized club.


    For the purpose of examining vintage / classic, the applicant shall submit the required documents along with the car to be inspected.

    1. Inspection of vintage / classic will focus on identifying the originality of the car and that it meets the conditions in paragraphs 3.2 and 3.3 above 2.
    2. Inspection characteristics
    a). Examination of the identity of the car, the confirmation number and the vehicle engine and chassis are not affected should be the same as that noted in the car vehicle registration card.
    b). Examining the authenticity of vintage and classic cars include the following components: the original engine, original chassis, original body design (not refurbished), the original transmission system, the original suspension system, front and rear axle of the original registration number and the ‘Rim, and the’ Steering ‘The original (not the kind of sport)
    3. Examination Format Vintage / Classic


    1. All applications and inspection reports to get the status of vintage / classic car made in the state JPJ offices / branches should be forwarded to the Automotive Engineering Division, RTD Headquarters to be processed and reviewed prior to submission to the Director General of Road Transport
    2. Cars that have been passed as vintage / classic Certificate will be issued for the purpose of reducing motor vehicle licenses by 90% to 80% of vintage and classic cars to be produced by the Technical Division, RTD Headquarters and signed by the Director General of Road Transport.
    3. Certification status of vintage / classic car should be renewed every 3 years or when transfer of name or conversion of car registration number (interchange) made, whichever is earlier. Car owners are required to reapply to determine the status of vintage / classic according to the conditions set out above.


    Enforcement should be undertaken to ensure that cars that have obtained vintage / classic did not made any modifications to the ‘steering’ and ‘rim’ and the other components in order to remain authentic. Qualification and status of vintage / classic car will be terminated immediately if any modification is made on the car and the owner must pay the Motor Vehicle License (MVL) at the original rate.

    (Photo by Howsen from MalaysianMiniLover).

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    10 Responses

    1. Rolo says:

      My first car regisered for me, second one my wife. The third one is 1977 classic car, is wife registration good to get counted as own, condition for 2 cars filled?

    2. Lim Keyoi Lai says:

      I have two cars registered under my wife Mdm. Hoe En Dee and one more under my name. Could my wife good to apply for vintage car statue. The car intends to apply is a MERCEDES 300 SE of 1989. Please advise. Thank you.

    3. tony wong says:

      to apply vintage car or classic i have 3 cars registered my wife i intends to apply my mercedes E -300 tahun dibuat 1988 please advise thank you all

    4. Gov Krishnan says:

      My wife has two cars registered to her name, and I have two including the classic. Can my wife apply and can I apply since I have the classic as second car? Car is Mercedes E320 A 1995

    5. Dato Dr Sivananthan KShanmugam says:

      Want to apply antique-classic car . Interest in joining antique-classic car club. The car to apply is a Mercedes Benz 300 SE (A) – Year 1994 . Very good condition.

    6. ANNALYN C. PEREZ. says:

      Good Day Sirs, I would like to apply for classic car, i have 3 cars registered under my name and i intends to apply for my mercedes E280 year model is 1995, please advise thank you.

    7. Dr Juri says:

      Good Day Sirs, I would like to joint classic club and apply for classic car road tax. Currently I have 6 cars registered under my name and i intends to apply for my mercedes E200 W124 year model is 1995, please advise thank you.

    8. Desmond John Haines says:

      Dear Sir,
      I would like to bring my 1969 MK 3 Triumph Spitfire to Malaysia to drive round and visit any shows and talk to like minded owners over a three month period and then return to the UK. Is this at all feasable or am I just dreaming. Any advice would be most welcome.
      Yours Des. Haines.

    9. Lawn says:


      Mercedes Benz S500, title showed manufactured in 1993, registered in Malaysia in 1997!

      Question –
      1. Now 2020, qualify to apply the Classic car from JPJ Malaysia?

      Thank you.

    10. Syedsham says:

      how to be a member of classic car club

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