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    One of our reader, AmranZs has email us with an article and pictures of crashed E46 M3.So, he want to share with all of you about on how safe is the BMW car.Below is the article that AmranZs has sent to us.He got that article from an unofficial website/forum for the BMW M5.Thank you Amranzs for sharing with us. 


    I’ve noticed a trend around here for posting crash pics and attempting to analyse the safety of our cars. Well, I can happily say that my E46 M3 saved my life, so here’s my contribution.

    I was in this accident in October 2006, in my silver BMW 2005 M3 — basically a seriously drunk driver took me out at a traffic light, hitting me on the driver’s side of my bonnet (RHD), almost bisecting the BMW emblem on the nose, and scraping past the driver’s door, crushing it inwards.

    I saw him coming at the last second and tried to avoid him with as much of a sideways flick as I could achieve in milliseconds, which is what offset the impact a bit, but it also caused me to end up heading straight-on for a thick concrete kerb after the initial impact, and ramp up it, shedding tyres and sheering the alloy spokes from the rims.

    The secondary collision into a solid kerb edge flicked the car up hard and onto it’s right side, where without any tyres and hardly any wheels, the DSC amazingly held the car as straight as pssible as I flew within inches of several deadly streetlight poles and eventually came to a rest rightside up and still pointing roughly in my original direction of travel.

    The car miraculously saved my life as you can see by the pictures, any lesser vehicle and I would be a dead man. Combined impact speed must have been around 100 – 130 km/h, although it’s very hard to say.

    I got away with only a broken leg and various scratches and bruises. Amazing engineering. You can see how the entire monocoque has buckled to absorb and dissipate the impact, causing things to fall off the roof inside and the exhausts to become misaligned, etc. The side impact bars really did their job too, on the inside the door and trim is entirely intact and still in place. Once the car had come to a halt, it had shut down all electrical and fuel systems, and helpfully switched on all of the interior lights for my convenience

    Amazingly despite the big distortion on the outside, the cockpit is in perfect condition. Nothing moved, everything including the steering is still in it’s place, and the pedals deformed away from my feet nicely, preventing any foot injuries (I was even driving bare foot at the time), etc.

    I was so impressed I bought another one at the time (silver-grey), which I’ve recently traded in on an M6 convertible. It’s nice to know that the E46 is already a whole generation old, and yet it did so well, and that the newer generation cars are even safer than before

    Here’s a cellphone pic taken from the scene, by a friend while I was carted off to hospital — I’ve attached the rest of the pics which were taken in the towing company yard.

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