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    Honda dreams fund scholarship now open for application between 5 January to 31st March 2009. Dont missed to apply this to achieve your dreams with honda dreams fund scholarship at www.honda.com.my/hdf/index.html

    The Honda Dreams Fund is a community project under the Honda Global Philanthropy Initiative. It was first developed in 2007 as part of Honda’s corporate social responsibility in Malaysia. The Honda Dreams Fund project is a joint effort between Honda Malaysia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – an executive board within the United Nations General Assembly.
    Project Objectives

    The Honda Dreams Fund focuses on helping underprivileged youths by providing them with the opportunity to pursue higher education and skills training in Malaysian colleges, universities as well as vocational institutions. Scholarships are awarded to promising students who fit the selection criteria set by Honda and UNDP. Since its inception in 2007, a total of 40 scholarships have been awarded; 20 in 2007 and another 20 in 2008. The 40 candidates who have received these scholarships are now pursuing their respective courses throughout Malaysia.

    Honda’s belief in ‘The Power of Dreams’ also extends to giving others the opportunity to pursue their own dreams. The Honda Dreams Fund was initiated to offer unprivileged youths the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. With the skills and knowledge obtained from their studies, Honda hopes that these youths will realise their potential in helping society, and contribute further towards building a brighter future. It is Honda’s believe that the joy of sharing ‘The Power of Dreams’ is one factor in making it an organisation that society wants to exist.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q1. What are the conditions required to apply for the Honda Dreams Fund?
    A : The person must fulfill the following conditions:

    1. Age between 17 to 24 years old.
    2. Have at least completed and passed the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM).
    3. Have a combined household income of RM1,500 per month or less.
    4. Medically fit.
    5. Not on bond or holding any other scholarship or receiving financial assistance from any other organisation.

    Q2. I want to go to a vocational school. Can I apply?
    A : Yes. The Honda Dreams Fund supports applications for any skills training programme.

    Q3. I want to go to a university abroad. Can I apply?
    A : No. You can only apply for colleges, universities and training institutions in Malaysia.

    Q4. I will be 24 in January 2009. Can I apply?
    A: Applicants born in the years 1985 to 1992 are eligible to apply.

    Q5. My household income per month is between RM1,000 and RM2,000. Can I apply?

    A: If your average household income is RM1,500 or less, you are eligible to apply.

    Q6. Do I have to submit a medical record?
    A: No. But if you are short-listed as one of the final 20 candidates, you will be required to undergo a medical check-up. You will need to pass the medical check-up in order to receive the scholarship.

    Q7. I am currently applying for another scholarship. Can I still apply for Honda Dreams Fund?
    A: Yes. However, if you receive another scholarship, you will automatically be disqualified for the Honda Dreams Fund.


    Q8. What do I need to submit for my application?
    A : The applicant must submit an essay of up to 500-words on his/her dream on A-4 sized paper together with photocopies of the following documents:

    1. NRIC
    2. Certified true copy of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and/or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM)
    3. School leaving certificate (if any)
    4. Other qualifications (if any)
    5. Testimonials / references (from schools/NGOs/Homes-orphanages)
    6. EA Form / J Form or any other form that verifies the applicant’s household income (if any)

    Q9. When is the deadline for applications?
    A : Applications must reach us by 5.00pm, March 31, 2009. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.

    Q10. Can I send my application by e-mail?
    A : Yes. You may send your application to either the following postal or e-mail address:
    “Human Resource Development through Education and Training for Malaysian Youth” Project , P.O. Box 12544, Kuala Lumpur 50782, Malaysia; or [email protected]

    Q11. Can I write my essay in Bahasa Malaysia?
    A: No. All essays must be written in English only. You will however not be judged by grammar and vocabulary, it is the story that is important.

    Q12. Can I use testimonials / references from my parents?
    A: No. Testimonials/references must come from your schools, homes, orphanages or NGOs.

    Q13. My household does not have a certified proof of income. What do I do?
    A: If you do not have official income verification, you may ask schools, NGOs or local authorities to verify your household income.


    Q14.How will the selection process take place?

    A : The best 60 essays will be selected from eligible applicants and the successful applicants will be invited to a 3-day leadership workshop in Kuala Lumpur in May. During the workshop, a second selection process, which includes an interview session, will be undertaken for 30 candidates. The final and best 20 candidates will subsequently be chosen and notified by mail and phone.

    Q15. When will I know the selection results?

    A : The first 60 applicants will be notified by mail in late-April 2009. The final 20 candidates will also be notified by mail in late-May 2009.

    Q16. How many people will be selected?

    A : A total of 60 essays will be selected initially for a 3-day leadership workshop, and the final 20 candidates will be selected after the workshop.

    Q17. If I am one of the initial selected 60, will I receive any financial assistance in order to attend the 3-day leadership workshop?
    A : Yes. The Honda Dreams Fund will pay for your travel and accommodation costs arising due to the workshop.

    Q18. How much will I receive if I was awarded a scholarship under the Honda Dreams Fund?
    A : If you are a successful recipient of the award, the Honda Dreams Fund will pay for your tuition fees and living allowances until you complete your selected course/studies. The amount you receive varies depending on your selected course.

    Q19. I want to go to a college away from home. If I were awarded a scholarship under the Honda Dreams Fund, would I receive a living allowance in addition to the tuition fees?
    A: Yes. The Honda Dreams Fund will provide living allowance in addition to your tuition fees.

    Q20. How will I receive the funds if I were awarded?
    A : The tuition fees will be paid directly from the Honda Dreams Fund to the college/ institution/university you selected and your living allowance will be transferred to your bank account at regular intervals.

    Q21. Do I have to return the money if I fail the course which I selected?
    A : No. If you fail two consecutive semesters, you will be disqualified and would not be allowed to continue receiving the HDF scholarship. You are obliged to report your academic performance at the end of every semester in order to ensure continuity of your studies.

    Q22. What are my obligations if I am successful in obtaining the scholarship under the Honda Dreams Fund?
    A : You are obliged to report your performance every semester to the Honda Dreams Fund Advisory Panel for evaluation.

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      how to aplly the honda dreams fund by online??im interested of it….because now im continuening my study degree in banking…am i able to apply this scholarship?thanks……

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      can i know is there any particular result slips need to be submit as I’m now pursuing my degree.

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      Do i have to get the offer letter from the college first if i want to apply this scholarship?

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      we are not responsible for the program and we cant answer your question
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      for more info, please drop an email to [email protected]

      or browse to http://www.honda.com.my/hdf/index.html

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      What’s the course that offered by HONDA?
      Can i choose the course which is not related in engineering field like pharmacy or doctor?

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      how to apply for the scholarship…and am i eligible if i have took other loans before this….

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