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    Have you seen the aircraft tow tug / tow truck everytime you at the airport?.And for your information the tow truck also has different size and capability.It depends on what type of aircraft that it will carry whether the wide or narrow bodied aircraft.The tow truck usually used when you want to push back the aircraft from the aerobridge or from the line station to taxiways before go to take off.It also can be used to towing the aircraft around the airport.The driver need special license from the airport authority and also from the airlines.Special test for the driver also need to be done in order to get the license.Here we will show you come pictures of the aircraft tow trucks.

    An aircraft ready for pushback at the aerobridge.

    A small tow tug (actually big and heavy) can tow an aircraft.


    TaxiBot uses a “turret” to which the aircraft nose wheel is clamped and that can rotate as the pilot steers the nose wheel, allowing the pilot to steer the tug. It uses the aircraft’s brakes.TaxiBot weighs 52 tonnes and is powered by twin, 500-horsepower V8 diesel engines. Ricardo tested it using a 100 tonne test trailer with a hydrostatic dynamometer capable of simulating large passenger aircraft tire drag, and a genuine Boeing 747 cockpit and nose landing gear to fully replicate the processes of towing and flight deck control of the tug.

    A new TaxiBot would eliminate the need for aircraft to use their engines for taxiing, saving fuel while benefiting the planet and airport neighbors.It also could dramatically reduce the CO2 emissions of commercial aviation while improving air quality and reducing noise pollution in the vicinity of the world’s major airports.

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