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    This is one of the important stuff for your car. Upgrading your headlamp H4 Halogen (not HID) bulb to a brighter one seriously helps you in getting a better vision when driving at night. Usually stock standard headlamp Halogen Bulb produced by car manufacturer has not enough brightness. Brighter bulb such as Osram Nightbreaker Plus (the best and most affordable bright halogen bulb) cost around RM100 and Philips Diamond Vision H4 bright bulb cost around RM150+. You can also install headlight booster circuit which cost around RM70 to get the maximum output from the bulb. Brighter lights extends your vision and makes driving at night easier. Below are the specification of bright bulb from Osram.



    If you are not driving with high quality headlights you are compromising your safety on dark roads at night – is it really worth the risk? More light on the road ahead equates to safer night time driving. It’s as simple as that. To improve your night vision and enhance your safety, OSRAM has developed NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS which produces a light beam that is 35 metres longer than that of a standard headlight bulb.

    See 35 metres further.

    In the dark winter months, driving conditions are much more hazardous so ensuring that you have good quality light from your headlights is crutial to road safety. The fact that OSRAM’s NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS extends your night vision by 35 metres means that you can identify pedestrians, cyclists, animals, road signs and other obstacles much faster giving you more time in which to react.

    Up to 90% more light and a 10% whiter light**.

    In addition to having a much longer beam than standard headlight bulbs, NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS produces a light that is whiter than conventional halogen bulbs. This makes night driving more comfortable and less tiring. The improved perception of contrast also makes it easier to see obstacles and hazards on the road.

    Up to 50% longer lifetime*.

    Improved light quality is not the only benefit of OSRAM’s latest headlight bulb. NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS is extremely durable and has a 50% longer lifetime*. It also features gold contacts (H4 & H7 types only) which underline its premium quality.


    OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS is suitable for any make or model of car where a halogen headlight bulb is already in existence. NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS are like for like replacements of standard halogen headlight bulbs and are available in many headlight bulb types, H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3 and HB4. There is no need for any additional components required to make a replacement. Remove your existing halogen headlight bulb and replace it with the same type NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS bulb…it’s as simple as that.

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