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    A bus stop is a place where buses stop for passengers to board or leave a bus. These are normally positioned beside the road and are distinct from off-highway facilities such as bus stations.Bus stops infrastructure ranges from a simple pole and sign, to a rudimentary shelter, to sophisticated structures.The usual minimum is a pole mounted flag with suitable name/symbol. Bus stop shelters may have a full or partial roof, supported by a two, three or four sided construction. Modern stops are mere steel and glass/perspex constructions, in rural area bus stops may be wooden or brick built.

    Most bus stops are identified with a metal sign attached to a pole or light standard. Some stops are plastic strips strapped on to poles and others involve a sign attached to a bus shelter. The signs are often identified with a picture of a bus and/or with the words bus stop.

    Have you seen bus stops like this in Malaysia? And what do you think of these kinds of bus stops? Pretty?.Maybe in Malaysia we can build these kinds of bus stops to attract more tourist to come.

    Curitiba Bus Stop

    Futuristic public transport bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil.

    Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop

    Football goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the World Cup.

    Air Conditioned Bus Stop

    Fully enclosed bus stop with air conditioning in Dubai.

    School Bus Bus Stop

    Unusual “school bus” bus stop from Athens, Ga. The bus shelter is made from 3 old school buses.

    LED Bus Stop

    Designed as part of the smart mobilities project, this bus stop was presented in Paris in 2008. Users waiting inside the bus stop could engage via a touch screen interface while pedestrians waiting outside could interact with a 6ft. custom LED display.

    Swing Bus Stop

    Creative London bus stop by Bruno Taylor gives commuters a chance to have a little bit of playtime while they wait for the bus.

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