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    A video of car crash in singapore live taken by the car behind during it happens which involved a 599 GTB Ferrari with a taxi widely spread on youtube. Here is some of the video, picture and info.


    A wealthy Chinese expatriate who crashed his million-dollar Ferrari into a taxi killing himself and two others has sparked outrage in Singapore, where anti-immigrant sentiment is on.

    [youtube:phttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWECP9rF4HE 425 344]

    The Straits Times newspaper said the Ferrari was a limited-edition model that Ma had bought for S$1.8 million (RM4.4mil) for his 30th birthday last year.Pictures from a video of the accident published in local newspapers showed Ma’s car apparently ramming the taxi after he allegedly ran a red light following a night out with friends.Hundreds of indignant comments were posted.

    “I hate to drag nationality into this tragedy but the stupidity of a single (Chinese) possibly drunkard driver has caused such catastrophic damage to so many people,” Tan Wee Meng posted on Facebook.Singapore’s population grew from 4.4 million in 2006 to 5.2 million in 2011, largely the result of a higher intake of immigrants as well as guest workers and professionals.The accident came two months after a Malaysian cleaner at Singapore’s Changi Airport was killed after he was hit by a taxi hijacked by a Chinese guest worker.

    Another news:

    SINGAPORE: The human cost of the horrific accident involving a Ferrari in the early morning hours of Saturday morning at the junction off Raffles Hospital in Bugis keeps mounting.

    Tai De Fu, the taxi driver involved in the three-vehicle crash, is the third person to die in the motor accident.The 52-year-old father of three had sustained a severe brain haemorrhage and died in the intensive care unit of the hospital at about 7pm on Sunday, reported the Straits Times.

    The fatal accident on Saturday has already claimed two lives — the driver of the Ferrari himself and the passenger in the taxi, revealed to be a Japanese tourist in her 20s.Another two people — a motor-cycle rider in his 20s and a 20-something female passenger in the Ferrari were also injured.A spokesperson from the Singapore Civil Defence Force said they received a call at 4:17am notifying them of the accident, which involved a red Ferrari, a motorbike and a taxi.

    The Ferrari driver has been identified as 31-year-old Chinese businessman Ma Chi, who was pronounced dead on the scene.The Sunday Times reported that Ma is a financial investor from Sichuan, China and relocated to Singapore and with this wife and child four years ago.According to a family friend, the paper reported he was said to be applying for permanent residency here.

    He and his family live in a penthouse in the East Coast and his wife is expecting a second child.According to Shin Min Daily News, witnesses say that the Ferrari crashed into a taxi when it ran a red light, causing the taxi to hit a passing motorcycle.Ma’s family members were reported to have been spotted at the mortuary on the same morning. His mother was said to be extremely distraught.In the last 12 days, six accidents had occurred at the same spot, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

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