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    Message : Minta KDI paparkan ePetrol iaitu skim subsidi petrol yang akan berkuatkuasa pada may 2010. Semua pembelian kena pakai MyCard…..

    KDI : Below are the details of ePetrol and all frequently ask question:


    ePetrol is a technology and payment solutions provider that has built a Centralised Interchange (Payment Hub) to support multi-applications. By leveraging on the Centralised Interchange, ePetrol is able to lower the cost of cashless transactions and offer Malaysians payment convenience through the use of the Malaysian Identification Card (MyKad) or any other smartcards.

    Established in 2003, ePetrol, in collaboration with ProJET petrol stations (owned by ConocoPhillips), conceptualised and pioneered an innovative payment system which uses the Malaysian National ID Card ( MyKad ) as the payment instrument for fuel purchases in petrol stations.

    ePetrol is an independent, MSC status company that is dedicated to drive technology and business innovation in the field of cashless retail payments. The Company is helmed by a team of industry experts and leaders from the oil and gas, payment, banking and smartcard industry. During the course of the past 5 years, ePetrol has engaged with various industry players to develop and implement its MyKad Payment Solution. These include oil companies, financial institutions, government agencies, Central Bank of Malaysia and various retailers and users.

    ePetrol focuses on developing innovative application solutions for a wide range of clients. Its payment infrastructure platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with highly advanced and secured IT systems which include payment application, hardware and station automation systems for the Government, Retail, Oil and Banking industries.


    FAQ of EPetrol
    How do I perform a registration for ePetrol service?
    Go to your nearest Kiosk and follow the steps on the screen.

    How soon after registration can I start using MyKad for transactions?
    You can start using immediately after the registration session is completed with successful receipt printout and creation of PIN, you can start using your registered MyKad to perform a purchase transaction.

    Why is an ePetrol PIN required each time I perform a transaction?
    This is a required additional security feature incorporated for each transaction.

    I have registered ePetrol service with MyKad, how do I cancel the registration?
    You can perform deregistration of your ePetrol service at any ePetrol Kiosk near you. Please contact Customer Service Centre for a Kiosk near you.

    I have closed the Bank account which I have specified at the time of registration with ePetrol. What do I do if I want to link my new account?
    You will need to “UNLINK” the closed account then register to “LINK” your new account to your MyKad.

    What do I do if I can’t recall or lose my ePetrol PIN?
    You can easily register for a new ePetrol PIN at any Kiosk near you.

    I do not have an account with any of the banks listed in the Kiosk, can I still use ePetrol’s service?
    At the moment only account holders of the listed banks have the service available to them.

    Are there any charges for registering for ePetrol service?
    There are no fees applicable at the moment during the promotion period ending April 2009. For more information on fees please contact our Customer Service Centre.

    How many accounts can I link to my ePetrol account?
    Currently you can link up to 3 accounts for a single bank.

    What do I do if I am not able to register with my thumbprint?
    The registration process requires a checking of the MyKad holder’s thumbprint to verify the identity of the person registering. If a customers’ thumbprint is not able to be read by the biometric reader then we are not able to register the customer without a face-to-face sighting.

    How can I check balance of my bank account after using MyKad for transactions?
    Please check your balance at your bank’s branch or internet online or ATM.

    Will I be charged for using MyKad for purchases?
    No extra charges are applicable if you use MyKad.

    What if MyKad is lost, what happens to my balance?
    Every transaction requires a PIN, anyone holding your MyKad cannot perform a transaction without your PIN. ePetrol provides you the option to suspend your account while you replace your MyKad. You may call our Customer Service Centre to suspend your account.

    Is transacting using MyKad secure?
    A dual security feature is designed to ensure that the whole transaction process is secured. Your PIN must be keyed in before commencement of any transaction with your MyKad. The transaction information is securely sent to the Bank for authorization and vice versa when the receipt confirmation is returned from the Bank.

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