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    I am so excited to share this latest efficient technology produced by Intelligent Malaysian to reduce fuel consumption of your car and reduce emission to environment which is called the E-Gas Hydrofuel Hybrid System.


    Mr Nasrul Fareed, is the first in Malaysia who started to do the research and development about the amazing power of hydrogen with the experience of more than 2 years developing a new module which is suitable for Malaysia environment and most of the country in the world.


    The story began when Mr Nasrul contacted me (kdi editor) and challenge to test the E-Gas. For your information, the hydrofuel Malaysia which has built the hydrogen system installation facility in Banting starting last year now has no latest news (kdi editor’s last visit found that the place is closed on October 2009) on the launching maybe due to some problem that they cannot counter in developing the hydrogen system. So we grab the opportunity to test the original idea of hydrogen system by Mr Nasrul Fareed, the E-Gas.


    I installed it to KDI official car, the Proton New Saga BLM 1.3 litre Auto which has the range of normal fuel consumption around RM0.15-0.20 per kilometer with RON95. The best fuel consumption on cruising is RM0.135 per km or 13.333 km/litre with more powerful RON97 fuel.

    The fuel consumption test results are amazing! I have made a few test cycle on normal MRR2 road from Ampang to Kepong with constant speed of 90km/h +-5 with very clear traffic condition, air conditioning on and audio system on. The E-Gas managed to give the best fuel consumption of RM0.105 per kilometer (10.5 cents per km) which is 17.143km/litre of RON95 fuel for a 1.3litre engine with automatic transmission car. Nearly same with the fuel consumption of a 0.66 litre engine of Perodua Kancil! A 30% less in fuel consumption! I believe that the car will give better than 30% in the highway due to better road condition with less resistance.


    (Operating at low ampere 0.5amp)

    In terms of power and performance, it really gives you the best output that will make your driving time more fun. Usually, the Saga BLM will accelerate slowly after green light at the traffic light junction, but after installing the E-Gas, you have no problem to accelerate with less paddle push and it is really fun when you can cruise without so much automatic gear hunting due to less power during climbing.

    The performance difference can be felt clearly when after I serviced at the Proton Service Center and ask them tu retune the computer box to the original setting. The performance after ECU reset is normal and after around 100km, the ECU starts to catch up the new reading due to E-Gas hydrogen output and gives better performance for the car. The car felt lighter and easier to get to higher speed.


    (A certification of Water as a fuel by water fuel generator E-Gas hydorgen generator)

    I took two months to do the test so that i can get best average value for review here. For the first month, I used the first model of E-Gas which gives me 15km/litre but the coil easily corrode and makes big amount of brown substance in the water. So then i tried the second model which has new material that can gives better output and more reliable produced by Mr Nasrul Fareed and special solution suitable to help resist corrosion of the coil accidentally found by me =) but the idea is originated from Mr Nasrul Fareed to enhance the reliability.

    This new model has lower ampere operation which is minimum 0.5 ampere in 12 Volt system which makes the E-Gas more efficient in producing hydrogen with less current draw from your car which then helps the system to run in a cooler condition.


    (Mr Nasrul Fareed the one beside left of Paklah with spectacle and black jacket showing to Malaysian Prime Minister about his invention)

    Points Of Amazing Facts About E-Gas:

    + Purely hydrogen produced gives 30%-80% less fuel consumption

    + No need electronic oxygen sensor (MAP) adjuster to trick the sensor. the output produced is the exactly enough for increasing mileage and the oxygen trapped inside will not giving any bad reading to oxygen sensor.

    + More reliable and less maintenance with latest model of E-Gas. Change water content with 1 litre mineral water easily every 600-1000km (ampere reach 3 amp). And run your car with water!

    + No need Baking Soda as a catalyst that will increase in gas output in the same time increasing temperature to dangerous condition. E-Gas System operating in cooler condition with no dangerous effect of Baking Soda.

    + Will gives more efficent and cleaner engine combustion with less carbon emission. You can see more water came out from your exhaust and less smoke.

    + Pure Hydrogen acts as a catalyst and additional fuel for combustion. E-Gas is the most affordable and easiest way to convert your car to a Hybrid Car.


    hydrogen fuel car

    ( E-Gas with special solution in 2400 cc car )

    E-Gas Hydrogen Generator Operation

    The generator starts to generate and produce Hydrogen gas when the power is switch on. So make sure you connect the positive wire to a power source that is alive when switch is activated and power off when switch is off.

     The system works on any Internal Combustion Engines Petrol, Diesel or NGV. Injection or carburetor. The principal is for the Hydrogen gas to be mixed with the existing fuel. As for Turbo system, the gas hose must be inserted after the turbo. 

     It is not limited to cars, lorries and buses. Other ICE such as motorbike and power generator can also use the system.

     Once the system is running, the RPM of the car normally should slowly reduce to between 700 to 500 automatically but the engine will not tremble. The exhaust will discharge water vapor. If this two has been achieved, you should do a test drive to enjoy the acceleration and torque.

    At the Lab, running it for 5 hours with outside temperature of 29 degree

    Celsius, the maximum operating temperature achieved was 48 degree Celsius. Installing it at well ventilated area is priority as to maintain the working temperature of the unit.


     Fuel Savings

     The system is able to give up to double mileage but there are few issue that may differ from another. As mentioned earlier above, the vehicle must at least under serviceable condition. The tuning should be on normal fuel ratio. What we discover that the shorter your intake or Banana the more saving will achieve. This is due to the Gas is able to enter the combustion area without much loss. Speed driving will not give great saving as certain driver are enjoying the torque power that was never achieved before.


     The generator does not pose any danger. The gas is not compressed. But don’t try to light up a spark or flame near  the generator or the hose. Injury of flame are far out as it implode not explode. Debris or splinter from other material may be the only cause of possible injuries. But watch out the Bang sound!


    The award winning E-Gas Model


     NOTE : LIMITED PROMOTION FOR ALL CAR INSTALLATION NOW ONLY RM450! Visit here for more info : http://kereta.info/new-e-gas-hydrogen-fuel-system-with-new-amazing-price/


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