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    E-GAS CE-1 HYDROGEN GENERATOR fuel cell unit developed by E-Gas Research & Development is a totally great product and it is right for you if you really want to reduce your car fuel consumption effectively. This new technology hydrogen fuel cell is produced in Malaysia using smart technique of electrolysis which create free fuel for your car from hho ( hho fuel ). Hydrogen fuel saver becomes famous in Malaysia and there are a lot of brand available in Malaysia.



    Confused to choose which one of water and hydro fuel system that best in performance and effectiveness? We would like to suggest the best award winning HHO generator from E-Gas Research & Development, the E-GAS CE-1 HYDROGEN GENERATOR as an alternative fuel (hybrid).


     # Increase kilometers up to 100%(double). Proven!

    # Reduce RPM and cools the Engines

    # Increase Power and Tourque

    # Reduce Carbon Deficit

    # Easy Installation

    # 12 Months Limited Warranty

    # RM1200 for all CC car (Price Inclusive of Installation)



    Zoom in the award won by Mr Nasrul Fareed, The founder of E-GAS CE-1 HYDROGEN GENERATOR (picture above and below)


    Not like conventional NGV’s, using e-gas CE hydrogen generator you produce your own hydrogen gas on demand. It assist (hybrid) to burn existing fuel more efficiently. Just enough to support your existing fuel but the gas is 8x more powerful than petrol.

    Suitable for Petrol, diesel injections or carburated. Product received silver medal for Bio-Inno Award 2008.

    Using electrolysis e-gas company unique propriety method to break distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen. Just fill distilled water, rain, de-ionized water or simply your URINE and start increasing kilometers without draining your pocket.

    It consume only 1.5 amps and no ECU bypass.


    e-Gas CE-1 Hydrogen Generator Alternative Fuel (Hybrid) great product by:

    e-Gas Research & Development
    Lot 2816 Jln Damansara
    Desa Sg Penchala,
    60000 KL

    GET Hydrogen Fuel saver Hydrofuel installation now!



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    49 Responses

    1. ahamdnaisfu says:

      Another company Megajuara based at Kajang also sell the same. Their first batch called PF1 and second batch PF2. IMula – mula guna cuka + soda bikarbonat, then air battery . I’d installed it but the result hampeeh. Dah byk kali pergi check dengan installer but the result is same . No different. Owner company ni claimed dia punye sistem ada buat join research dgn Universiti Malaysia Pahang but yang kelakornya technican Megajuara cakap ” kami kat sini pun tak berani nak rekomen sebab resultnya tak seperti yg diiklankan Terlalu ramai customer yang bengang coz result hampeeh. Kami rasa kena tipu hidup – hidiup .Main problem is short circuit bila 2 rods in he bottle touch each other and inconsistent current produced . Kadang – kadang more then 1.5 A and it triggered short circuit . Amongst this 2 comp, sapa yang dulu yg dah registered product patern . Confuse la.

    2. ahamdnaisfu says:

      Alamdamai, very simple . In the bottle. ada 2 iron rods positive & negative connected with wie to battery. The moment engine start, a bublble came out from the rod which claims as HOD ( hidrogen on demand ). After few days, the water in the botlle will turned lexactly like “teh susu”. I’d open the electolyzer kit once and had replaced new battery water + half tea spoon of sodium bikarbonat

    3. To whom it may concern,

      Please be inform.
      I am the original innovator of egas pf-1 and has reproduce egas ce-1. Mega Juara (Amin) and Dr Zul (UMP) has COPY my product after appointing them to be my Exclusive distributor. http://kereta.info/egas.html.

      Nasrul Fareed

    4. ahamdnaisfu says:


      Syabas, you had declared yourself as original of e-gasinnovator . Have registered and patern your product ? . Dont let megajuara or other simply claims they are the system creator. I still remember, when i wanted to install e – gas , depa ni mati – mati kata e gas ni product depa. The result is hampeh

    5. To Any Interested Funder

      Our next and on going research is to produce/convert

      1. Marine outboard engine fuel system using only salt/sea water.
      2. To convert ICE car into Electric vehicle.

      Any interested funder are welcome to participate and commercialize in this programe.

      e-gas resaerch & development.

    6. utc271 says:

      if done correctly HOD can surely improve our fuel consumption….but me think its not necessary to “donate” hard earned cash to company who ciplak other`s ppl invention…just goggle HOD, hydroxy, brown gas etc etc and we will find alot of free designs on the net….masuk forum n we will know which works best…..klau malas buat sendiri beli lah, but never buy one without a bubbler…cos without the bubbler u r compromising ur safety, klau trjadi backfire ur keta meletup maaa…and i doubt very much those system tht only use water, cos without catalyst like NaOh, or KOH ur output will be hampeh…too small to make any difference….remember to get output of abt 1 liter per min per 1000cc of ur car engine capacty bru ada saving,,,,i can recommend one good pdt made in malaysia, tp dah naik rege,last 2 weeks cost USD200, dah laku sgt kot dah naik usd500….my best advice surf the web and construct ur own….x sampai pun rm100 belanja kos barang2

    7. azam97 says:

      mr nasrul,

      how much your unit cost if i want to install it in my wira aeroback?

    8. Promotion Price RM800 including installation.

    9. Assalamualaikum Nasrul…
      I just arrived here and interested to know more about your Hydroxy gas generator…

      According to your blog, you stated that your cell consume 1 amp to produce about 700ml of hydroxy gas.
      Is that true?
      If it’s true, than you just achieve overunity!! It’s more than 9MMW!!

      In my years of experience, 1 Amp of electrical current only can produce less than 100ml of gas…
      Can you recheck your data?

      Thanks a bunch!!

    10. Nasrul Fareed says:


      Well it was a Goose bump for me and never believe myself until the Devil Dr. confirmed it.
      It was a prayer Fulfilled SUBHANAULLAH, ALLAHUAKHBAR!!!!

    11. Alhamdulillah!!
      Hey, can you do a demo on Youtube regarding on your gas output??
      Can’t wait to see it…

      Looking forward for more updates!!

    12. hairun says:

      Where is the location or shop address to do installation, can u display here? I need survey first for confirmation. Thanks

    13. Ajib says:

      Assalamualaikum, nampaknya saya macam berminat dengan system anda, 1 amp 0.7l and u said your system use 1.5A maka menghasilkan 1.05 l HHO… dari maklumat ada yang menyatakan 1000cc kene guna 1l / minit kan? so kalau gunakan model diesel 2500cc intercooler turbo perlukan 2.5l / minit.. betul tak? kalau salah info saya sila betulkan, maka… boleh kah system encik tune untuk mentransfer lebih sikit liter untuk HHO ke engin kereta diesel itu? lagi 1 nak tanya system encik ni ada gune any bubbler / PWM or EFIE tak?… I ada nampak dalam 1 website and certain youtube tunjukkan yang 1st time pasang system HHO… ekzos akan mengeluarkan air dengan agak banyak (menitik2), adakah kalau pasang system encik ni juga terus boleh lihat titisan air yang menunjukkan HHO telah berlaku pembakaran sempurna dan berfungsi?? and agaknya pemasangan tu mengambil masa berapa lama agaknya ya?

    14. hairun says:

      huh…is just gimmick…no response..

    15. Nasrul Fareed says:


      For address and contact info please save the brochure and reopen to view it.
      Your cooperation is highly appreciated.Contact http://kereta.info/egas.html
      Lot 2816,Jalan Damansara,Bukit Lanjan/Kg Sg Penchala,60000 Kuala Lumpur.
      In between Honda and Mofaz showroom. 3° 9’35.06″N,101°36’58.41″E

    16. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Salam and Greetings,

      We appreciate and aware of technical question arises.But due to many bogus intention we will not answer the question on the internet.
      We find that the information supplied are sufficient.

      Thank you

    17. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Announcement of new pricing.
      For cars below 2000cc RM600
      and cars above 2000cc remain at RM800

      All price are inclusive of installation

      Thank you

    18. Hi, it’s me again…

      I’m not mean to hurt you, but, your claim is just – Imposibble…

      Can you make a demonstration video to prove the gas output??

      Sorry about the doubt…

    19. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Salam Afdhal,

      Sent me a massage at http://kereta.info/egas.html


    20. B@bah says:


    21. Dienie says:

      Salam. Saya dah buat system hydrofuel ni, tapi problemnya coil selalu putus. Saya guna SUS welding rod. Semasa running system ni (electrolyzer) town road, it’s save me about 20% millege/liter. Banyak website ada mengesyorkan litar tambahan untuk O2 sensor and MAP sensor. Encik Nasrul, adakah system encik termasuk litar tambahan seperti cadangan kebanyakan website??


    22. Salam…
      Hi, Dienie!!
      Saya bukan Nasrul, tapi saya akan cuba yang terbaik…

      Jgn guna coil dan welding rod, ianya tak efficient….

      Coil akan waste most of the energy to turn water into steam, manakala welding rod akan react dengan electrolyte…

      Gunalah SS tube ker, plate ker, cawan ker, atau aper2 yg diperbuat drpd SS.

      Atau, yg lebih baik adalah “Sealed Series Cell” ataupun “Dry Cell”…. – Higher cost

      20% tanpa electronic?? Kereta apa yg diguna??
      Kalau nak wat electronic, wat kat O2 sensor jer… Jgn wat kat MAP/MAF sensor… – It’s for reading driver mood, not Mileage Modifier

      Kalau wat kat MAP/MAF sensors, nanti kereta takder power. Manakala, O2 Sensor, tiada perubahan power yg ketara… – Mungkin meningkat kalau teliti…

      Hope this helps!!


    23. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Salam and Greetings Everyone,

      I was away for 10days and will be away again.Before I left for my trip I have manage to developed another system that uses only mineral water and doesn’t need any catalyst.InsyaAllah I will launch the model in China first.Kepada En Dienie system egas tidak mengunakan sebarang litar atau penambahan alatan.

      Terima Kasih

    24. Salam!! Hi y’all!!

      Hi En. Nasrul…
      It’s not my intention to sabotage your business, just several advices…

      In my years of experience, I design whole bunch of cell designs.
      Including magnetic cell, wet cell, tubular cell, spiral cell, dry cell, coil cell, helix cell, cup cell, plate cell, mesh cell, with or without catalyst, HV or LV, pulsed or DC, etc…

      In my experience, to make a cell that use no catalyst, will require very close plate spacing…
      With only one cell at 12V, it will start bubbling crazily… Lol!! Heat easily generated here.
      With 7 cells at 13V, it will produce slightly less gas and it’s extremely efficient… (Caused by less current leaking and no overvoltage – brute force)

      One of the problem with this design is, the amperage drop as the gas accumulate in the active plates area…

      The second way is, to use higher DC voltage…
      This will provide enough juice for overcome the water high resistance… – This will required no catalyst too!!

      But, the drawback is, the plate and the water itself will gets dirty very fast…
      Making the cell very inefficient in several days of use.
      Also, its will generate tremendous amount of steam… – Bob Boyce called it as, “Steam Behemoth”

      As we all know, the higher the resistance, the least efficient it would be…
      Take light bulb as example… As the resistance increase, the hotter the filament would be…

      So, here comes the catalyst role…
      In my experiment, NaOH will help to prevent the water from turning into a brown scum and provide a better electrical conductivity.
      This can easily be proved…

      As conclusion, I suggest you to build a sealed series cell, the one that “Smack” built…
      It’s the second most efficient Hydroxy gas generator, next to Bob Boyce design… – 7MMW!!

      I bet you wont be disappointed!! You will happy!!

      Hope this helps!!

      Sorry for the long post… I just don’t want you to be blamed…

    25. Oppps, forgot to post the link…
      Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Dv1V-jAAE

      The reason why I encourage you to build a sealed series cell…

    26. Dienie says:

      Salam Afdhal,

      Thanks for the response.

      Untuk pengetahuan En. Afdhal, saya pernah cuba menggunakan SUS Punching Plate. Masaalahnya ialah cell (glass jar) saya menjadi terlalu panas dan penutup cell partially melt.

      Yes, saya save 20% without any litar tambahan. Saya memandu toyota corolla SE, tapi enjin 4AGE 2nd Edition red top.

      Buat masa sekarang saya tidak lagi menggunakan electrolyzer.


      Terima kasih

    27. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Salam and Greetings,

      Our new improved e-Gas generator that use only Mineral water is now ready.
      No more hassle to use distilled water or catalyst.Just Mineral water.

      Thanks & regards

    28. totoro says:

      sapa tau fuel saver utk generator..iaitu fuel saver utk guna pada generator kilang ker..apa2 je la

    29. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Salam Totoro,

      Component e-gas boleh di upgrade untuk kegunaan generator.
      Hubungi saya untuk keterangan lanjut di http://kereta.info/egas.html.

      Terima kasih

    30. mami says:

      Assalam Nasrul,
      Untuk Myvi 1.3 Auto, kenapa tiada pemasangan EFI pada sistem e-gas?
      adakah sesuai digunakan pada Myvi 1.3 auto?
      kadar peratusan penjimatan yang mungkin untuk kereta jenis ini?

    31. mami says:

      maksud mami, tanpa EFI pun, e-gas bfungsi & mjimatkan untuk myvi mami? betul?

    32. milie says:

      hello bende ni kne letak air mineral ke? kne bli air mineral la pulak. air paip biase tak boleh ke? nak letak air hujan, air hujan pon da tak selamat sekarang.

    33. Nasrul Fareed says:

      Salam & Greetings

      Selamat Menjalankan Ibadah Berpuasa to all Muslimin and Muslimat.
      We also have a good news on our new development.We manage to overcome the brown sediment.
      Any order will take approximately 1 week, since it has to undergo by manual and costly process.
      But don’t worry we are not charging extra.For previous customer who wishes to upgrade the electrode,
      please contact us to order the new improve electrodes.Any email please use http://kereta.info/egas.html.

      Regards & Salam
      Nasrul Fareed
      e-Gas Research & Development

    34. kdi says:

      Kdi have installed the egas hydrogen generator on our official car, Proton New Saga BLM on last 30th August 2009 and now under testing program. We will update the review later. However, immediate effects on performance can be felt. I need to tune the car first and compare the consumption between on and off the egas with RON 95 fuel.

      For any person who interested to get the egas generator, you can do so by contact Mr Nasrul Fareed and kdi have also put the link to this article at the front page and each pages at the sidebar.

    35. Lorenzoo OO oo OO says:


      I actually interested in this new technology in our country but i’ve a little bit scared because of the copycat company such as at kajang ( Sungei Chua )

      And yes of course you have paste on both of your award and pic with pak lah.Ur web also nicer than hydrofuel company at Banting ‘s web site.

      How about the bumi’s company at Banting ?? hidup lagi kaa ??

      Hopefully u sir will improve ur info’s product to gain Malaysian including my confident.

    36. carnary says:

      Sekarang ni banyak produk hydrogen fuel di pasaran. Dulu yang famous adalah HFI Dr Halim di Banting Selangor tetapi sekarang macam segan nak hidup mati tak mahu.
      So sekiranya produk anda benar2 berkualiti & telah dipatenkan…adakan ianya sesuai untuk semua jenis kenderaan (karburetor & injection) kerana sesetengah pengeluar hydrogen fuel termasuk HFI menyatakan perlu tambah alatan lain untuk sistem injection baru dapat kesan (tak tahu samada benar @ tidak).
      Saya memang berminat untuk memasangnya tetapi saya tinggal di Kuala Terengganu. Saya bimbang jika ianya tidak memberi penjimatan yang sepenuhnya & terpaksa ulang alik dari Kuala Terengganu ke KL semata untuk setup kembali sistem e-gas anda. Sekarang saya menggunakan Toyota Avanza 1.5G.

    37. Salam,

      Itulah akibatnya jika seseorang atau syarikat tidak memahami secara mendalam didalam membuat kajian.
      Memang benar sistem e-gas kami tidak memerlukan alatan tambahan dan hanya mengunakan air semata-mata.
      .Ini adalah rahsia pembuatan, oleh itu ianya tidak dapat didedahkan.
      Saya telah menerima banyak cabaran dari pihak tertentu akan tetapi saya tetap tidak boleh mendedahkannya.Sehinggakan email dan laman web saya telah dicerobohi.Cuma apa yang saya boleh suluhkan sedikit ialah hydrogen adalah pemangkin untuk bahan api yang sedia ada dan cuaca kita adalah tropika.Tidak sepert negara eropah yang bermusim.Bukan semua yang dari luar negara sesuai untuk kegunaan kita.Saya sedia berkongsi kepada sesiapa sahaja yang berminat untuk mendalami sedikit ilmu yang dianugerah oleh Allah ini.Mana-mana kenderaan yang ingin mengunakan sistem ini perlulah berkeadaan asal dan baik dari segi penyelengaraan.Tuning perlu keadaan normal setting.
      Toyota Avanza (pemilik seorang kakitangan makmal teknologi sebuah universiti tempatan)telah pun dipasang dan mendapat penjimatan dan kuasa.Untuk pengetahuan forumer produk e-gas akan memasuki pasaran Bangladesh Insyaallah bulan hadapan.


    Please spread & share :)