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    Decarbo or decarbonizing is a method to remove carbon deposit which built up on the engine and exhaust component. Do you have the experience decarbo your car?

    It is very good and recommended especially for carburetor engine and old cars as this type of cars developed more carbon deposit compare to new car. You can do decarbonizing whenever you feel your car performance deteriorate and consume more fuel than before.


    The cost for decarbo is not more than around rm 100 or you can do it yourself diy decarbonize by using engine decarbonizer. The price for 1 bottle is between rm60 to rm 100.


    Benefits of process decarbonizing:

    *Immediate Effect

    *Refresh Engine’s Performance

    *Save Fuel

    *No Modification, No Overhaul

    *For Petrol / Diesel / NGV Engines

    *Less Diesel Smoke

    *Suitable For Turbo / SuperchargerEngines

    *Tested & Proven

    *Save Time, Save Money

    What the hell is carbon related with our engine?

    Carbon is created when there is a fire (oxygen + fuel) inside the engine(combustion chamber). It is natural process, no need to argue with this..:)So, the carbon keep increasing, engine loose its power and cost more fuel.


    Why we need to decarbonize the engine?

    Decarbonizing will help to improve the capacity of the engine to the original performance. Engine will gain back its original power ALMOST like new and finally save the use of fuel.

    When is the right time for your car engine to do decarbonize? And how many bottles?

    (For engine car that never done this before)20,000km – 50,000km – 1 bottle 50,000km- 100,000km -2 bottles100,000km – 150,000 km – 3 bottles150,000km to and more than 200,000km – 4 bottlesBest practice after that, recommended to decarbonize your engine every 40,000KM, one bottle only, to get the optimum power from your engine.

    Does decarboNizing affect engine components?

    No, Components that involve are valve in, valve out, cylinder head, piston head, spark plug, and gasket. This product wont do any damage to those said components.

    D’Carbo2 adalah satu produk terkini berteknologi tinggi yang dapat membersihkan karbon didalam kebuk pembakaran (combustion chamber),injap(valve),pencucuh(spark plug),piston,silinder dan intake manifold. Kesan HEBAT selepas menggunakan D’Carbo2: >Kesan seperti melakukan Top Overhaul >Proses hanya 15 minit sahaja. >Prestasi enjin menjadi baru semula. >Enjin menjadi senyap dan kurang gegaran. >Pemanduan menjadi lancar. >Kuasa pecutan bertambah. >Menjimatkan minyak. >Enjin mudah dihidupkan. >Memanjangkan jangka hayat

    By: Ahmad Kamal B. Mohd Isa

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