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    Ok guys, firstly, welcome to KDI FAMILY!

    This is the version 2 of Chit Chat space. For previous version you can click at http://kereta.info/chit-chat-family-kdi-jom-borak/

    This post mainly created to give all of us who reads KDI every day a chance to share opinions, chit chat, getting to know each others well and communicate with the editors well. This is our encourage to get closer to you =) And we would want to be the most happening & sporting web admin editor.

    We also would like to invite all of the readers of KDI to join us here as one family to contribute anything about cars generally and share your interesting every day life story with us and the readers!

    Below are some rules that need to be adhered while posting a comment here:

    1) This topic is for general car and other issue. If you have any question or opinion on any car brand and model, kindly search the topic on the search form top of this website and post your comment on related topic.

    2) You are free to chit chat but please don’t use more than one username. It is better if you can register as KDI members at http://kereta.info/wp-login.php?action=register


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    Pecah fiber pecah gelas, sudah baca komenlah se das! Terima kasih! =) Yg benar, Brader K Majalah Kereta Malaysia - kereta info

    3 Responses

    1. iz says:


      Rajin pulak ko bagi lagu panjang2… fuh.. betul cakap KDI tu.. da tahap kritikal nak karaoke ko nih.. hahaha

    2. Oleoresin says:

      Selamat tahun baru KDI…. dan isteri…. tidak lupa juge pada baby…. kihkihkih….

    3. kdi says:

      selamat tahun baru bro oleo! :-) haha.. lama x dgr cerita. maaflah sy pon bz. dgn kdi server byk problem. ni pun masih sibuk berurusan dengan pihak server. insyaAllah, niat mmg nak jumpe.

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