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    Only after one week attending Shanghai Autoshow, now I have the chance to share with you guys due to server overload before. Really, the autoshow is grand with 7 big hall to explore plus additional camp outside the hall that cannot be count easily which includes auto parts manufacturer. This China International Autoshow which held in Shanghai this year after in Beijing last year is absolutely suitable for those who seek business connection with china auto parts. It is quite rare to find such a huge amount of China auto parts manufacturer presenting their products in an international car exhibition like this. But make sure you have more than one day to explore those booths.


    Audi Booth..


    The distributor of Proton Cars in China booth.



    One of China Product.


    The first car displayed in Hall one. Concept hybrid car.

    The Autoshow ticket

    What so special about China Autoshow? review? Well, the unique of this autoshow is more about China own products instead of normal well known car brand. They have quite a lot of car manufacturer which have their own design and technologies. But the quality can be improved. The design I need to admit, quite competitive.. That is why i am quite impressed when visiting the China International Autoshow.

    But the bad thing is, there are too many people even on the 3rd day of exhibition. I have to go through the crowd and it is quite hard to take pictures especially when there are a lot of gorgeous and pretty women posing with the car. And I hope that time kdi editors will be there to help snap all the picz. =p

    Overall, really satisfy with the ticket fee of only RMB 80 (around RM40) with the huge exhibition. Will consider to go there next year China International Autoshow 2012 in beijing.

    Stay tuned at KDI.. We will expose series of pictures snapped by us in Shanghai Autoshow soon. =)

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