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    Spoon Honda CR-Z

    Early this month we already posted about the Mugen Honda CR-Z accessories.That post got some good feedback from some readers. This is just the beginning of development for Honda’s new hybrid sports car so expect many more changes over the coming months.You can view it again by click the link below.


    For today, we will post something great which is the Honda CR-Z by Spoon Sports.Check out this Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z.For me, personally i’ll say that this Honda’s new baby is really great!.With its white colour, blue sport rims and also Spoon Sports parts it looks more aggressive.

    Spoon ECU

    Spoon Rear Coilovers.

    All of these parts are the testing parts by Spoon Sports.Among the parts being tested are the coilovers, N1 exhaust, ECU, and ‘twin-block’ calliper and slit rotor brake upgrade. There’s no information on the ECU at this stage but the N1 exhaust has given the CR-Z a more sports car-like note in contrast to the near silent stock system, also a front coilover kit and rear spring/shock kit are being developed which have been lowered around 50mm and Spoon Sports is conducting ongoing tests with spring rates, shock stroke length and dampening characteristics. The front brake callipers use Spoon’s twin block units with 15 inch slit rotors which  also being tested to lower the pedal effort to achieve sufficient braking power. A set of blue Spoon CR93 alloys finish off the car and compliment the new ride height well. One thing they didn’t mention was the Spoon Sports aero mirrors which going by the photos, it looks like Civic FN2 Type R units bolt straight on.

    Spoon Front Coilovers.

    Spoon Brake Kit.

    I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like with Spoon’s trademark carbon hood, front lip spoiler and blue and yellow warpaint.

    Spoon Wheels.

    Spoon Exhaust.

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