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    Ok guys, some simple tips for today. For those who want to replace  annoying small standard horn to the new and better in terms of big tone, louder horn and reliable, I would like to suggest you to buy a new original horn from car manufacturer.

    ( Tukar horn yang bunyi perlahan masalah dan rosak kepada horn baru yang lebih bagus)

    Forget about the aftermarket horn available at the car accessories shop outside like brothers etc because they sell the china or taiwan low quality horn with very expensive price. The lowest price is around rm6 up to the best (but still low quality) rm90!


    Changing car horn big sound long lasting quality tukar horn kereta ( kiri horn baru original, kanan horn lama standard)

    Dont waste your money with the cheapest and most expensive horn available there because obviously, it has no quality and will easily deteriorated and damaged.

    I myself experienced this. Changing one horn to another. A few times searching for the most reliable. Sometimes, the sound not loud and sometimes the hirn did not function. Replaced with the expensive one also the same.

    So this time I decided to go for original horn. Since I have an exora, and I knew the horn sound and loudness is very nice to me, I bought a new Exora Bold horn at Proton Parts Center and replace the standard horn on my Saga Blm.

    How to replace the horn? It is so easy. Just like plug and play. It has about the same horn attachment and hon wiring. Just remove the horn wiring (2 wires), remove the bolt for the horn attachment, replace with new original horn, tighten the screw and connect the wires. Thats it!

    The cost of horn replacement?
    New aftermarket kedai abang horn rm90 + wiring and installation rm35 = rm125

    New original horn from genuine car parts rm50 + self installation rm0 = Rm 50!!!!

    You save Rm75!!!!!

    To save more, you can alternatively go to kedai halfcut nearest to you and buy some BMW, MERCE or other good sound and loudness horn for your car and replace it your self.

    Hope this tips helps you save your money. :-)

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    4 Responses

    1. abu says:

      so no need to buy relay…just dismantle the old one and plug n play the new horn?

    2. Oleoresin says:

      No need relay unless you want to use more than one horn…. such like air horn

    3. Mulyadir Fitri says:

      Bro. Keta sy Persona. Nak ganti sbb dh ada prob. Tgk kat bawah dia pakai dua horn. So kena beli 2 unit kalau nak ganti ek? So rm100?

    4. zack says:

      kalau orgnal kreta 1 horn tp nk psg yg bru 2 horn,cane cranya??

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