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    Lets discuss about aftermarket car alarm & security system available. Any user, please give your review and recommendation here. Here are some lists of car alarm type specification and price. There are a lot of car alarm type such as 1 way, 2 way, GSM, fingerprint, card, code and GPS tracker. The famous car alarm which is also affordable is the 2 way alarm system which gives you the condition of your car whether it is locked or unlock instead of just instructing the car to lock or unlock only in one way alarm fitted on standard car.


    Some alarm system provide LCD screen and some can be controlled and start from far. Car security system including anti theft system are getting more sophisticated and very high tech. But car steeling still happen nowadays.

    So, what is the most suitable car alarm system for you? The price of car alarm (sistem keselamatan kereta) starts from as low as RM60 up to nearly RM3,000!

    Lets take a look at some of the famous device.


    TZ TRACK ZONE Vehicle GSM Communication Car Alarm System FM-1BB

    •Anti-Burglar, anti-robbery, anti-assembly
    •Arm/ disarm by telephone
    •Zone positioning by GSM network (supported by individual GSM services)
    •Anti-dead and anti leakage of alarm design
    •Intelligent voice interface
    •Remote alarm to telephone
    •Remote listening
    •Password protection

    Price: RM1688.00


    GENUINE STEELMATE 898G CLAS 4KM FSK 2-Way Car Alarm System Auto Start

    •Model: 898G Steelmate 2007 Ultimate Series
    •3KM to 4KM FSK Technology 2-Way LCD Display Colour Alarm System
    •Vibration Remote Control with 3 Display Color 
    •Remote engine start  
    •Monitor temperature inside the car 
    •Alarm arming & locking the doors 
    •Mute arming & locking the doors 
    •Disarming & unlocking the doors 
    •Locating the vehicle/ panic alarm 
    •Trunk release impacting shock sensor  
    •Impacting tilt sensor (optional) 
    •Sensitivity adjustment of tilt sensor
    •LED indicator 
    •Opening door/ pressing footbrake alarm 
    •Opening trunk alarm
    •Ignition alarm 
    •Alarm pause 
    •Emergency override 
    •Valet mode 
    •Not-armed warning
    •Passive arming/ auto arming (optional) 
    •Central door lock/ unlock automatically 
    •Rearming automatically (for unintentional disarming)
    •Open door reminding
    •Open trunk reminding 
    •Automatic window close (optional) 
    •Antenna range indicator 
    •Status preserving 
    •Positive or negative door trigger  
    •Electric door lock or Baro door lock 
    •Warning for triggered system 
    •Clock alarm & time setting 
    •Disable the former transmitters  
    •Programming new transmitters 
    •Official Website: steel-mate.com
    •Product Weight: 2Kg
    •1 Year Warranty Under PRO-ICE (M) Sdn. Bhd (Steelmate Malaysia Sole Distributor)
    » RM688.00


    CARALL U.S.A K133 3KM FSK 2-Way Alarm w/ Auto Start & Distant Display

    •Ultra-long FSK communication range (two-way range over 1000m)
    •Code hopping technology for anti-scanning-garbing
    •Compatible with factory security system
    •Multiple user-programmable features
    •Visual and audio alert on remote
    •Car/alarm status LCD display on remote
    •Long range remote start with gear position checking
    •Multiple signal detection (Teach, High-Voltage and oil sensor) for remote start
    •Reservation mode and turbo mode selectable
    •Valet mode
    •Anti-carjacking system
    •Door/Hood/Trunk sensor
    •Silent arm/disarm/alert
    •Automatic dome light supervision
    •Remote trunk release
    •Programmable auxiliary output
    •Interface of microwave sensor or optional sensor
    •Smart LED indicator
    •120db siren
    •Remote query function
    •Ultra-low standby power consumption of remote control
    •Keyboard lock and LED backlight

    » Price: RM498.00


    Biometric Fingerprint Car Security System with Alarm Function RM 999.00
     The BG11 car fingerpirnt security system allows authorized drivers with enrolled fingerprint to access the system in order to start their car. The BG11 is designed to be flexible in order to be enabled and disabled anytime, so you may use only your key to start your car, incase you wish to lend your car to a friend.

    If anyone tries to break into your car without an authorized enrolled fingerprint, he/she can never move your car, and any theft attempts to use a copy key to turn on the engine is impossible. The system is universal for all kinds of different models, and is suitable for trucks, SUVs, Buses and Coaches, Tractors or Passenger cars.
    Its simple, place the fingerprint scanner on the car’s dash board or by the drivers door for easy accessibility to start your car’s engine. After swiping your fingerprint, the fingerprint scanner compares the finger impression with the fingerprints that were stored in its memory when the system was first installed in your car.
    If an unrecognizable fingerprint is scanned more than 6 times, then the alarm function will be triggered. The BG11 fingerping car security system can store up to 3 categories with each category storing 3 fingerprints. This means a total of 9 fingerprints can be stored allowing you to register your friends and family members.
    This high-end biometric security fingerprint car lock system is in stock now and can be purchased at a factory direct wholesale price from the leaders in factory direct wholesale electronics, Coolgadgetonline.
    At a glance…

    Stores 9 fingerprints
    Vehicle anti-theft system
    Fingerprint ignition access
    Password Protect with remote controller

    Manufacturer Specifications
    Main Function: Secures your car using fingerprint technology, Anti-theft system
    Case Material: ABS flame-resistant material
    Basic Functions:
    – Fingerprint save/scan/delete (can store 9 fingerprints)
    – Temporary security disable for allowing car use by non-registered users
    Fingerprint error rate: FAR <0.001%
    Fingerprint FRR: FRR <1%
    Fingerprint capacity: 9
    Fingerprint identification speed: < 1s (full fingerprint identification)
    Fingerprint collector anti-static ability: ESD < 15KV (air) > 7.5KV (contact)
    Fingerprint Scanner Life: 1,000,000 Swipes
    Peripheral speed of response: < 2s
    Dry and wet fingers automatic adaptation
    Recognition rate: more than 99.5%
    False identification rate: less than one in a million
    Working Voltage: Directs current 10V – 15V
    Working Current (Standby): <10 mA
    Working Current (Active State): <0.4 A
    Maximum Relay Capacity: >40A
    Maximum Working Power: <5W
    Normal Working Temperature: – 40 to +85 Degrees Celsius/li>
    Primary Parts / Functions:
    System Controller Box – Acts as system mainframe
    Wired Remote Controller
    Finger Swipe Module – Unlock fingerprint ignition lock
    Input Voltage: 12V
    – Mainframe – L:83 x W:105 x D:30 (mm)
    – Speaker – L:42 x W:60 x D:15 – Cable Length= 150 (mm)
    – Remote Controller – L:75 x W:40 x D:10 (mm)
    – VGA + Mini USB Cable Length = 150 (mm)
    – Wires Harnes Length – 130 (mm)
    – Wire Harnes Length – 120 (mm)
    Quality Assurance: ISO9002
    Manufacturer Ref: BIF864KDK1E0
    Product Notes

    Advanced biometric finger print scan
    eBay Reseller Note: Here is are some examples of alternate product titles you can use for this product;
    – Biometric Car Security Alarm
    – Fingerprint ID Car Alarm System
    – Fingerprint Identification Car Lock Alarm System
    – Biometric Fingerprint Car Security and Alarm System
    Allows you deactivate the fingerprint scanner, encase you wish to lend your car to a freind or family member
    Important Note: This product should only be installed by a professional. Carefully review the product manual before installing and using the OF-BG11 to achieve the most satisfying user experience.
    Package Contents for Model – OF-BG11

    Fingerprint car security system
    User guide – English
    Connecting wire sets for main frame and car installation
    Remote Controller
    Alarm sensitivity device
    Fingerprint scanner

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of vehicles does this fingerprint security system work with?
    The BG11 biometric anti-theft car system is designed to work with all car models. Please feel free to purchase a sample and make sure it is installed by a professional technician. Have Fun!
    Does this fingerpring ignition security system work on both manul and automatic transmission vehicles?
    Yes, this model BG11 works on both automatic amd manual transmission cars
    Does this model also work on diesel and gasoline vehicles
    Yes, this biometric ignition fingerprint lock works on both diesel and gasoline run vehicles


    And a lot more famous brand like Takashimaya car alarm, Cobra alarm, Viper alarm and Bil Tech alarm.

    Some of us just use a cheap handphone with a sim card and put it anywhere in the car to track the car movement and I think that is a brilliant idea! Maybe you can practice that for your expensive vehicle.

    Have you used any of aftermarket alarm system? Or have some opinion on it? Kindly make some review and share any info regarding car security system here.

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