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    Last week we already posted a nice information about the Car Warning Lights that you should know.So for today, we will post the Part 2 of the Car Warning Lights.
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    Air Bag SRS – Supplemental Restraint System Warning Light.

    The supplemental restraint system is your Airbag System. It may incorporate a variety of active, passive, and even pre-safe technology depending on the vehicle. Given that the SRS System is a safety system, it is well monitored with numerous sensors and automatic self-tests. The slightest malfunction in this system illuminates the SRS light.

    If Air Bag – SRS light stay on, your Air Bag is not going to blow up, fault in the Air Bag system.
    You can drive at own risk, have your car checked by an auto mechanic, as soon as possible.Remember that there are thousands of vehicles on the road without SRS technology.

    Common Problems: crash sensor fault, bad electrical connection, air bag modules malfunction.

    The SRS – Air Bag control module runs a self check every time the vehicle is driven. If there is a fault in a crash sensor, one of the air bag modules, the wiring system or connection it will set a code, turn on the warning light and disable entire SRS – Air Bag system. If the light stay on Air Bag system is not working.


    Seat Belt Warning Light.

    Today, the belt warning light may stay on for several minutes after the car is started if the driver’s seat belt is not fastened. Some cars will intermittently flash the reminder light and sound the chime until the driver and sometimes the front passenger, if present, fasten their seatbelts.

    If light is on usually you forgot to buckle up, or there is a problem in the electric circuit.
    You can drive at own risk, seat belts save lives. Have your car checked by an auto mechanic.

    Common Problems: buckle sensor malfunction, forgot to buckle up, short in electric circuit.

    Seat belt reminder is warning system to remind you to use your safety belt It’s a combination of a sounding chime and warning light on instrument panel, shows if the driver’s safety belt is not buckled.
    A seat belt is a safety harness designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement.


    Low Fuel Warning Light.

    If low fuel warning light is on, it means you are running out of fuel, or there is a problem with the fuel level sensor.
    You can drive to nearby gas station to refill tank. Have your car checked by an auto mechanic.

    Common Problems: fuel level sensor malfunction, run out of fuel, fuel bad electrical connection.

    A fault that opens the electrical circuit causes the indicator to show the tank as being empty which provoke driver to refill the tank. If the low fuel light remained on and you have gas in the tank, there is electrical problem. Most cars still have about 5 litres fuel in the tank, when the fuel light comes on.


    Door Ajar Warning Light.

    This is a reminder light that one of the doors is not completely closed. Check all the doors to make sure they are all latched properly.You can drive, pull over to the side and shut all the doors and trunk. Visit auto service soon. Sometimes the metal contacts that tell your vehicle the door is closed become dirty or corroded, causing a False indication that a door is ajar.Clean the contacts will usually solve this kind of problem.

    Common Problems: bad door switch is grounding, one door or trunk ajar, short in electric circuit.

    The door ajar warning system, each door sends a signal to the electronic module that the door is ajar and this module illuminates the door ajar light and the interior courtesy light. If door ajar warning light staying on when all doors are shut, this drain the battery. Lubricate all of the door latches with penetrating oil.


    Tyre Pressure Warning Light.

    This recent technological development causes quite a bit of confusion. Put simply, if your tire is getting low on air, your car lets you know via sensors mounted in various places depending on the model.

    If light stay on your tire is getting low on air, or your air pressure sensor malfunction.
    Is safe to drive your vehicle home or to a service shop, check tyre pressure, repair bad tire soon.

    Common Problems: tyre pressure light not reset, flat tyre, tyre is low on air, bad air pressure sensor.

    TPMS is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure in the pneumatic tyres. The systems report real time tire pressure information to the driver via a gauge or low pressure warning light. Helps to improve vehicle safety and fuel economy. React to slow air leaks, and reset low tyre pressure warning.

    “Tyre pressure light not reset?”.”What is the low tyre pressure warning light reset procedure?” Sometimes the reset procedure is as simple as pressing a button. Other times one has to set the tyre pressures, recalibrate the on-board computer, genuflect and cross two fingers. Check your owners’ manual or call a specialist or dealer.


    Windshield Washer Fluid Warning Light.

    This is a reminder light that the fluid level is low in your windshield washer reservoir.Add fluid at your earliest convenience for safe driving.Is safe to drive your vehicle, top up the windshield washer fluid as soon as you can.

    Common Problems: faulty fluid level switch in reservoir, washer fluid level is low, short circuit.

    Windshield washer fluid is a special fluid for motor vehicles that is used in cleaning the windshield while the vehicle is being driven. A clean windshield is very important in terms of your safety, and washer fluid doesn’t freeze.


    Credit to Driving Test, eario & AA.

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