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    One of the best car billboard.

    Today, we want to share with all of you about this interesting topic.Everyday when you read the newspaper you will see some car advertisement right? No matter whether from Honda, Mitsubishi, Proton or Perodua and also others. Okay..But, have you ever seen the advertisement below? I love all this stuff because it looks interesting. It is like the Giant and Mydin billboard war in Subang Jaya.


    Audi posted up a billboard in Santa Monica, with the words “Your move, BMW” showing off it’s new A4. Then BMW answered by posting a billboard just right across the street saying “Checkmate” with the new M3.


    BMW posted this Advertisement with the words “Congratulations to Audi for winning South African Car of the Year 2006”..BMW is the Winner of World Car of the Year 2006.


    Then Audi responded ” Congratulations to BMW for winning World Car of the Year 2006, From the Winner of  Six Consecutive Le Mans 24 Hours Races 2000-2006“..


    Subaru even got into it.Subaru posting a billboard saying ” Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest. From the winner of the 2006 International Engine of the Year.”

    What happen if Proton and Perodua also do like this? Will it happen?

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    4 Responses

    1. kdi says:

      Hahaha! Yang ni lawak gler! Aku dah gelak sorang2 dpan pc plak pukul 545am nih. kui2! =D

    2. iz says:

      Tapi ade 1 advertisement daripada Bentley aku xmasukkan..lepas yang Subaru punye..sebab gambar tu xsesuai dengan budaya Malaysia..agak censored gak gmbar daripada Bentley tu ..haha

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