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    Sebuah jentera yang boleh dikatakan setaraf dengan Rolls-Royce Phantom, Galibier sepatutnya memberikan indentiti sebuah kereta mewah dengan luaran dan reka bentuk dalaman yang mewah dan premium. Namun, Galibier itu sebenarnya sebuah sedan yang cukup menggiurkan dilengkapi enjin yang lebih berorientasikan prestasi Veyron.

    Berikut adalah Galibier specification di http://kereta.info :

    PRICE – Harga pasaran luar Galibier : RM 4,627,000.00
    Engine specification : 8.0-liter W-16 Flex Fuel engine
    Horse power hp = 1000 horsepower
    Torque NM = –
    0-100 KMH = 3 seconds
    Top speed KMH = 408
    FC Fuel consumption km/l = –
    Dimension length width height mm = –

    Galibier additional features / review / news :


    The production model is still not out and so the exact details of the engine cannot be stated. However, since the Galibier would be sharing engine characteristics with the Bugatti Veyron, one can only guess that its engine would have an 8-liter, W-16. The torque would be substantially improved because instead of using four turbochargers, the car would be made with two superchargers. The Veyron manages a top speed of 408 km/h with an acceleration that takes it to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds.


    The front and rear LED lights are exquisite, along with eight tailpipes that pay homage to the type 57SC Atlantic from the 1930s. Other nice touches are the retro butterfly-wing hood and the horseshoe radiator that is more successful on this car than on the Veyron.

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