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    New Contribution by Juonvu

    Message: A special design BMW Superbike concept motorcycle. Source From ecofriend.org.Very interesting motorbike design.


    Drawing inspiration from BMW’s DNA with a focus on their “efficient dynamic” theme, the BMW X bike designed by Jacobus Marx is a zero-emission bike concept that generates power from electricity. Based on an active urban transport vehicle of the near future, the vehicle is propelled by two 80KW in-wheel electric motors with regenerative properties. This coupled with super-capacitors (ceramic batteries), acting as batteries that are light and super fast to charge.



    The X bike is a two-seater three-wheeler that focuses on the eco-minded consumers of the future. An important feature of the X bike is its interactive suspension that gives the vehicle its dynamic ability and ease of use in congested areas. As for the performance, the X bike will propel itself from 0-100kph in less than 4s with a top speed of more than 240kph.

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    Pecah fiber pecah gelas, sudah baca komenlah se das! Terima kasih! =) Yg benar, Brader K Majalah Kereta Malaysia - kereta info

    2 Responses

    1. cemburuk jer design. ishk2.. sowi aa…
      tapi teknology bateri n motor dia tu marvelous.. nice,,

    2. eriz says:

      pkai bateri la moto ni….dia punyer pegi pn berdesup-desup nih…dlm mase kurang dari 4 saat leh cecah 100kph…

      tp dlm gmbo ni tak brape sure la tayar blkg dia mcm mana…sama ada 2 roda atau satu roda atau satu roda tp lebar…kalau 2 roda yg blkg tu x dpt la nk corner baring….hehehh…

      nice design…

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