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    Metallic shiny blue Modified BMW 3 Series E46 here is one of the good looking extreme bmw modification. View specification, modification details including type of body kit and accessories info by Http://kereta.info below

    Paint finishing in metallic blue colour.
    Full BMW 3 Series E46 M3 bodykit / skirting / aero kit : yes.
    Custom bumper BMW 3 Series E46 : front + rear bumper


    Modified e46 bmw 3 series body kit custom 320i

    BMW 3 Series E46 front projector headlamp with smoked.
    LED day light running lamp.
    BMW 3 Series E46 front grille custom.
    Spot light / fog lamp for the modified car.


    Modified e46 bmw 3 series body kit custom 318 m3

    Body kit Side skirting for BMW 3 Series E46.
    Big size BMW 3 Series E46 sport rims with low profile tyres.
    Fully tinted with black window tint film.
    Body sticker / stripe decal not fitted.


    Modified e46 bmw 3 series custom audio system

    Rear BMW 3 Series E46 bumper with custom design /skirting.
    Rear part nicely fitted with aftermarket BMW 3 Series E46 spoiler.
    LED Brake lamp + standard rear tail lamp.
    Custom plate number front and rear.
    Custom exhaust tail pipe tip.
    Rear bumper diffuser.


    Modified e46 bmw 3 series body kit custom interior

    Customized interior of modified BMW 3 Series E46 interior includes :
    + Leather seat in black colour
    + Modified interior lighting LED
    + Audio system full set with woofers and mid bass including amplifiers.

    BMW 3 Series E46 Modified engine bay with additional performance stuff / gadget also fitted on the modified car.

    Please share your view on BMW 3 Series E46 body kit modification, diy modified gadget / stuff, interior mod (modifikasi), quality / reliability, test drive reviews (pendapat pandangan pandu uji) , spare parts, problems, technical issues, tuning, best cheapest (price rm / harga murah) car accessories, tyres (saiz tayar) and sport rims 15 16 17 / 18 inches which one is suitable and all other related info here.

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    Modified e46 bmw 3 series body kit custom bumper

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