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    Bailey Blade Concept car

    The Bailey Blade Roadster concept is still not here in the flesh, but still in the form of renderings from Nick Bailey.I don’t think that this car will come to Malaysia.The price and the tax in malaysia will make this car to be impossible here. It is a car which was designed to capture the look and feel of old school automobiles with a hint of modern touches.

    This is a full performance car built with modern advancements.The addition of belly pans, front splitters and rear diffusers are added to keep down force up without the need of a giant rear spoiler.


    Two versions available


    The body of the car has been designed to fit a number of different engines. Early prototypes will be boosted by a Roush 400IR stroked small block fuel injected engine, developing some 500 horsepower. The engine compartment is sized to accept most any front mount engine type.Everything from a Ford Big Block or Modular engine to a smaller lighter BMW Engine.

    The chassis of the Blade consists of tubular roll cage affixed to a solid ridged box steel frame. The roll cage is enhanced by the addition of two hoop roll bars to protect in case of roll over.

    The car will have a full vinyl ester hand laid fiber glass body that is light weight in design with functional trunk doors and hood. The hood is a clam shell style hood that flips forward to allow for easy access to the engine suspension components.


    View from the top – see the differences


    Below are some question that we got from the Baily Blade website.

    1.Who is the Blade’s designer?

    The Blade idea and design was conceived by Neal Bailey, age 35, in July 2007.

    2.Will the Blade be available overseas?

    Another key factor for this car beside fitting tall folks… is that we would like to provide the Blade overseas. The car is being developed to accept both left and right hand drive versions. Therefore we are working hard to meet European standards for this type of car.

    3.What was the inspiration for the Blade?

    The primary inspiration for the car has to be attributed to the Classic Shelby Cobra. I have always wanted a Cobra, although it’s ironic, that when I finally got a replica of one, I immediately wanted to design and build my own version of a dream car. Although the Cobra was the main inspiration, there were several other car designs that helped me grasp the modern perspective.

    4.When should we see the Blade for sale?

    We are hoping to have the blade ready for sale in the early part of 2009. We have extended this due to some body and chassis redesigns. The first prototype is expected to be finished towards the end of this year. We were hoping to have it ready by mid 2008, but the mold making process will take a little longer than expected since we are now looking at producing carbon fiber bodies along with the standard Vinyl Ester version.

    5.What will be the cost of the Blade?

    As of right now we have a projected price range between $80,000 – $125,000 dollars. The price can vary a great deal depending on certain options and configurations. The engine and transmission types can greatly affect the price, for instance if you go with a standard fuel injected ford 302 engine from someone like Keith Craft you are looking at around $6,000 where compared to a Roush 400IR at around $18,000 and you go from 300HP to 500HP.

    Building the Bailey Blade.





    Engine: ROUSH 400IR 8-Stack fuel injected
    Horsepower / RPM: 550HP at 6000 rpm
    Torque (lb.-ft./N-m) at engine rpm: 490 lb.ft. at 4200 rpm
    Redline (rpm): 6500
    Displacement: 400 cubic inch
    Intake Manifold: Weber style 8-stack induction system
    Fuel system: electronic fuel injection
    Vehicle weight: 2200lbs. – 2700lbs.
    Wheelbase: 95 inch
    Overall length: 156 inch
    Body width: 72 inch
    Overall height: 45 inch
    Front track width: 58 inch
    Rear track width: 59 inch
    Brakes: 4-wheel disc antilock
    Number of pistons front/rear: 6 piston caliper Front / 4 caliper piston back
    Steering: power-assisted, variable-effort rack-and-pinion
    Transmission: 6 speed manual
    Suspension: four-wheel independent with adjustable ride height control
    Wheels Size: 18×8.5 front and 19×10.0 rear
    Tire size: front 275/35ZR-18 and rear 335/30ZR-19

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