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    On June 2011, Petronas B5 Biodiesel has officially launched.This month, Caltex follow the step with its new B5 Biodiesel product known as Caltex Diesel (Bio) with Techron D.This new fuel was officially launched at a Caltex station in Puchong.This fuel is added with B100 palm oil methyl ester (PME) which will account for 5% of each litre of Caltex Diesel (Bio).For your information, Petroliam Nasional Bhd, Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil and BHP are the five oil companies which were given RM1 million each to building blending facilities.The incentive is a part of the B5 biodiesel plan.Read the full news from Motortrader below.


    B5 biodiesel is officially available at 100 Caltex stations in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Melaka. The new product, known as Caltex Diesel (Bio) with Techron D, was officially launched this morning at a Caltex station in the Puchong, district this morning and the launching ceremony marks the culmination of the fuel’s implementation in the Central Region in line with the government’s schedule.

    Caltex Diesel with Techron D, available since November 2009, is already well established and boasts of having an advanced packaged of additives which provide effective control of deposits, help maintain fuel injector cleanliness and enable the engine to run at its optimum performance. To this fuel is added B100 palm oil methyl ester (PME) which will account for 5% of each litre of Caltex Diesel (Bio).

    Photo credit to Motortrader.

    To ensure that the biodiesel quality is acceptable to carmakers, all the companies have to ensure their products meet the Malaysian Standard Specification for diesel which is MS123 and the Malaysian PME standard MS2008:2008 which bears a close resemblance to the European biofuels standard EN14214.

    Assuring motorists of the high quality which they are used to from Caltex fuels, the company’s Country Chairman, Jeremy Oh, said, “Caltex Diesel (Bio) with Techron D is produced in accordance with Chevron’s stringent product integrity standards for blending, storage and handling for terminal operations. This includes four preliminary tests to check for contamination during receipt of B100 palm methyl ester from the producers; daily checks for water presence and dedicated draw-off procedures during storage.”

    He added that all Caltex station staff are trained to ensure that appropriate biodiesel quality management procedures are implemented to uphold product integrity and consumer confidence in Caltex fuels.

    Mr. Oh said that, while the company is supportive of the government’s initiative towards cleaner fuels, the introduction of biodiesel would also call upon tighter product integrity measures to address the hydrophilic nature of biodiesel blends. This refers to the attraction of moisture to the fuel which is due to the organic component and stringent efforts have to be made to minimize the effect since water in fuel is bad news for engines.

    The B5 biodiesel program began in the middle of this year and by 2013, the fuel should be available nationwide. Like normal diesel, it is also subsidized and presently priced similar at RM1.80 a litre. All carmakers have confirmed that their models can run on biodiesel, having been satisfied that the standards are high enough, and there will be no impact on the factory warranty for the engines.

    For further information on Caltex fuels, visit www.caltex.com/MY.

    [All pictures credit to dsf.my & Motortrader]

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