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  • AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer (NFE) – More Mileage, More Savings, More Vroom!

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer


    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer (NFE) is a highly concentrated fuel additive that utilises dynamic liquid nanotechnology to deliver multiple benefits unparalleled to any other additives in the world!

    SAVES fuel up to 28%
    Varies from 8% – 28%, depending on engines, road and traffic conditions, climate and driving habits

    INCREASE engine power up to 20%
    Enhances combustion for a smoother-running engine with quicker acceleration and increased power

    REDUCE harmful emissions up to 98%
    Resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment

    ELIMINATE engine knocks & EXTEND engine life
    By keeping the combustion chamber clean, it eliminates engine knocks and helps maintain a quiet and smooth-running engine for a longer time

    SAVES on maintenance
    A cleaner engine prolongs life expectancy of the oil filter, engine oils last at least twice longer, thus reduces maintenance costs

    AutoMax NFE is an all-in-one power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, combustion chamber deposit cleaner and engine protector. It works well with all petrol (leaded or unleaded) and diesel fuels. PERFECT for all types of vehicles and engines – both new and old!

    Retail Price: RM39.80

    You need only 1 ml AutoMax NFE to treat 5 litres of fuel.

    Each bottle (120ml) can treat 600 litres of fuel.

    You will get the benefit as soon as you start using it!

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer




    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

    AutoMax NFE In Action –  “Saving Fuel, Boosting Power, Cleaning Engine”

    Regular Fuel Combustion

    Regular atomisation produces inconsistance (large and small) drops of fuel, which do not burn completely in the combustion chamber. Incomplete combustion results in build-up of combustion chamber deposits, thus increasing harmful harmful emissions, contaminating engine oil and reducing engine life span.

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer


    Fuel Combustion with AutoMax NFE

    AutoMax NFE creates millions of tiny nano-clusters in the fuel that explode just before and during combustion, increasing turbulence and generating smaller fuel droplets.

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer


    Smaller fuel droplets vaporise easily and completely, leaving no unburned fuel residue. This results in cleaner combustion and optimised fuel consumption, which increases power and improves milage.

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

    ‘Steam Cleaning’ Property

    Exploding nano-cluster also create a gentle ‘steam cleaning’ action that helps break down and disintegrate combustion chamber deposits as well as prevent any future build-up.

    AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer


    Engines with clean combustion chambers run cooler, generate significantly less NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions and can operate on lower octane fuels.


    What makes AutoMax NFE different from other fuel additives in the market?

    Unlike other coventional additives (such as octane booster and fuel injector cleaner) primarily designed to correct specific problems, Automax NFE gives multiple benefits and improves overall performance for both new and old engines. Use Automax NFE to add more milage to your fuel money while enjoying a smoother ride

    Will AutoMax NFE damage the engine?

    Absolutely NOT! Laboratory tests proved that fuel treated with Automax NFE is non-corrosive to all metal, rubber and plastic engine components. It will actually protect and prolong the life of the engine because it automatically cleans the engine combustion chamber each time you use it

    Will AutoMax NFE effect my vehicle warranty?

    No. Used as directed Automax NFE will not void new vehicle waranties. Automax NFE has a 15 billion km track record with international waranty without a single claim!

    How soon can I expect the benefits of AutoMax NFE?

    You can feel the engine power increase almost immediately. For full benefits including fuel savings, it may take the course of two or three tanks of fuel to condition the engine, depending on the age and condition of the vehicle.

    My car is new. Should I use AutoMax NFE?

    Yes! Engine carbon deposits will begin within a month or 1,000km travelled. It is better to use Automax NFE to maintain top performance and help reduce engine’s wear and tear

    What if my vehicle is poor, old and not regularly maintained?

    Clean or replace the fuel filter before using AutoMax NFE as rust and dirt may have deposited. After doing this you should not experience problems like engine hesitation, poor starting and slow acceleration anymore. If you still experience jerkiness, you may not be using enough of the additive. Use more to correct the problem.

    What happen if I overdose or underdose?

    If you overdose accidently you will still enjoy all the benefits of AutoMax NFE – it will not harm your engine. If you underdose it may not give you all of its benefits

    Will AutoMax NFE affect the catalytic converter?

    No. By significantly reducing pollutants inside the combustion chamber, AutoMax NFE improves and enhances its performance

    What if I decide to stop using AutoMax NFE?

    There is no harm to your car. However your car will soon revert to its original performance level – less power and acceleration, and increased fuel consumption. Why would you stop using AutoMax NFE if you can enjoy all the benefits and make money while using it?

    How does AutoMax NFE reduce maintenance costs and extend engine life?

    Lubricating oil in the engine pump becomes black and dirty over time and needs to be changed regularly to ensure longer engine life. This oil is contaminated with unburned fuel, heavy carbon residue from incomplete combustion, and broken combustion chamber deposits. AutoMax NFE significantly reduces the number of slow burn and misfire cycles, as well as promotes more complete combustion, while cleaning combustion chamber deposits. In this way the engine lubricating oil remains cleaner, resulting in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs

    Is AutoMax NFE an octane booster?

    No, but the use of AutoMax NFE reduces the octane requirement of the engine, which means you can use 92 octane fuel to enjoy the benefits of 97 octane fuel

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    4 Responses

    1. Super Fuel Saver says:

      I had try this product long long time ago, confirm can increase car power but can’t feel it on petrol saving. Maybe also can clean your engine as claim. Cheap and can use for long time. You can try it. But now, I had use e-charge and super fuel saver introduce by enex. Good combination. can save about 10-20%. But a little bit expensive. Anyway, it’s for long term.
      E-charge = Increase Power
      Super Fuel Saver = Petrol Saver

    2. Zulkifli Bin Sa'at says:

      mohon pihak encik maklum kepada saya jika ada wakil jualan / pengedar di kawasan Kluang / Siimpang Renggam. SEGERA

    3. young says:

      What is the shelf life of automax.

    4. Jakpa says:

      I pon dah guna nanotech fuel enhancer tuh…. Memang bagus sbb buang air dlm petrol. Kalo u biasa dengar waja, pesona slalu benti tepi jalan sbb fuel pump rosak sbb ade air dlm petrol. Tapi kalo pakai ini mesti ok punye sbb i dh pakai. Cuba bayang waja tinggal 5 tahun boley stat skali aja…. Power gile….

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