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    There are not many absolutes in racing. Here is a few, that most racers agree on which is extra weight is bad, front end weight is worse, and an overheating race car is a serious problem. An aluminum racing radiator can address all three of these issues in one fell swoop. Here, lets zoom our intention into aluminum racing radiator.

    Designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from overheating. Installing an upgraded performance radiator is essential in maintaining a cooler more efficient running engine. A few reasons why an aluminum racing radiator is a good bet. Number one, it’s a whole lot lighter than a junkyard radiator or any custom brass job. That weight is taken directly off the front tires as the radiator is nearly always located in front of the engine in race cars.

    One of the best aluminum radiator is double pass racing radiator. This racing radiators is designed to improve cooling by passing coolant through the radiator twice. Cooling performance has improved up to 20 degrees in many applications. The double pass design is recommended for high horsepower engines, gasoline applications and long distance races. The double pass racing radiator is recommended by most chassis builders and top race teams in every division.

    Price range: RM 180-RM 400

    Most custom radiators use one-inch tubes for a massive improvement in coolant flow. An aluminum radiator looks absolutely trick and is good for psych-out horsepower. In addition, it does not wear out the way other big ticket items such as camshafts, headers and tires do.

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    1. izal says:

      i want to buy row tube only..how much the price?
      Size : 21″ High x 16″ Wide

    2. Raphael Chia says:

      Good Morning
      I’m from Sgp and wishes to enquire whether you have full aluminium radiator for: 2011 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 Dual VVTI Engine:ZRE141R
      Please advise if you do, tq…??

    3. Louis says:

      Full aluminum racing radiator, for..

      Chevrolet captiva 2.0 vcdi

    4. Khairul says:

      Location bos

    5. Darius says:

      Hi, what is the address?

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