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  • 8000 Cars Per Month! Proton Launch New MPV In 2009.

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    Proton Holdings Berhad has set a production target of 8,000 cars per month to meet the high demand and reduce the waiting period which has extended to seven months.

    Proton managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said that since April, the company had been raising its monthly production to 6,400 from 4,500 units previously.

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    “In two or three months, we ought to produce up to 8,000 units monthly compared to 6,400 units presently,” he told reporters after the presentation of aid to poor families here Sunday.

    He urged the public who had made bookings to be patient as Proton was speeding up the production process.

    On Proton MPV expected to hit the road in March 2009, he said the company was confident it would receive good response from members of the public with big families.

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    Besides offering a bigger space, he said, the vehicle would be competitive and give an advantage in terms of pricing over imported cars.

    On Proton MPV’s overseas markets, Syed Zainal Abidin said the company would take it to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam next year.

    “The following year, Proton plans to market the vehicle to China,” he said.

    Present at Sunday’s function was Kelantan Local Government, Tourism and Housing Committee Chairman Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan who gave away the aid contributed by members of the Proton Club.

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    source:  BERNAMA

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    4 Responses

    1. Sam Junior Dimok says:

      i think that the new proton putra neo should have the same head as the satria neo (no changes) but have a longer boot (just like the 1.8 putra) but maintain the same tail lights as the satria neo also. I would also like to suggest the the car be rear wheel drive, hence the popularity of drifting nowadays. if the car would be a rear wheel drive car (1.8 campro engine) i suggest the engine be mounted way back in the engine bay to get a 50-50 weight distribution. also do please maintain the same flare guards as the satria neo’s. i believe this way it will be easier to maintain and the car would be more popular. i would definately buy one.

    2. Sam Junior Dimok says:

      Hi there. My name is Sam Junior Dimok (I.C No. 790806-12-5435) and I’m 29 years old from Sabah. I have been a fan of rear wheel drive cars, and I really wish to own a real true Malaysian sports car. I’m suggesting that this car be the next PROTON PUTRA NEO.
      I would like to suggest that the car be a rear wheel drive car, because many are in to drifting, and I have done a survey whereby many agree that rear wheel drive cars are more fun to drive and more popular.
      1. First of all the cars engine should be mounted way back near the fire wall to achieve 50-50 weight distribution. The engine has to position vertically, in order for it to be rear wheel drive.
      2. Then add a rear drive shaft. Just like all rear wheel drive cars have.
      3. Use the same 1.6 PROTON SATRIA NEO’s R3 engine. So that the car is affordable.
      4. The PROTON PUTRA NEO should also maintain its same front look as the PROTON SATRIA NEO’s, and the tail lights should also be the same. The reason for this is so that parts are easy to get.
      5. The difference of both SATRIA and PUTRA is the rear. PUTRA will have its one a little longer. (Same as the GEN-2 and PESONA, difference is only the rear.)
      6. Available in 2 doors only.
      7. Colours will only range from black, gun metal grey, ivory white, passion red and yellow.

      I believe that this car will be affordable, and fun to drive. Today’s customers love to have their cars customized to their own unique spec. I also believe people from other countries who cannot afford to buy a Toyota Supra, Nissan Silvia or Mazda RX7 will look forward to buy a True Malaysian; rear wheel drive Sports Car, the PUTRA NEO.
      I have so much faith in PROTON for them to make my proposal a reality, and I do believe this will be the start of PROTON gaining its popularity again as the No.1 selling car in Malaysia. Not only that I believe this car will be really popular overseas too; like Australia and our neighboring countries. I can already imagine the PUTRA NEO being a star in TV, commercials and the race track.
      I think Malaysian auto engineers consider this a not so complicated task. Malaysia Boleh! Thanks for taking my proposal into consideration. I care for PROTON’s FUTURE.

    3. Nice suggestion Sam, but make sure it is not underpowered…

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