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    New 3M authorized outlet opens at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.The 3M is a seriously huge chemical company and unknowingly most of us are exposed to 3M products everyday and everywhere.Now they’ve decided to come back in a big way with their new 3M Authorised Car Centers who are guaranteed to sell genuine 3M film and have a certain level of service.Read the full news from Autoworld below.


    We’ve all seen and used various products of 3M. Scotch, Post-it, and Scotch-Brite are just three in a clutch of a wide-range of household names under the 3M umbrella. Backed by an illustrious history, the Minnesota-based outfit also pioneered the invention of solar films now widely used by Malaysian motorists today.

    Despite having a 40-year-long portfolio in making tint films, this is not a product which 3M is renowned for. It does have market presence, but majority of market share is commanded by much newer brands. It is a situation that 3M wishes to change with the introduction of its Crystalline Automotive Film series, launched in conjunction with the opening of the first 3M Authorized Car Centre in Malaysia at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

    “3M’s Solar Films have been scientifically proven to block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays,” said Lewis Wong, General Manager, Safety & Graphic Business of 3M Malaysia at the film’s launch.

    “In terms of Sun Protection Factor or SPF our window films provide an SPF of more than 1,000. This is great for families with children because it can effectively prevent skin from premature aging and skin cancer,” Wong added.

    Previously, 3M films have been available at selected tint film dealers. Gradually, however, the films will only be available at 3M Authorized Car Centres. Negotiations with various potential dealers are in place to put together a network of some 30 centres by the end of the year.

    Notable features of 3M films include multi-layer film technology, and also the complete absence of metal compounds. The latter feature is said to ensure no interference with electronic signals of mobile phones, GPS, and most electronic devices, but Smart Tags, which operates on infra-red rather than electronic signals, are a bit iffy.

    For customer peace of mind, all 3M films installed at authorized centres will be backed by a comprehensive 5-year e-warranty. A special dot matrix 3M logo is also printed on every original 3M film to allow customers to ensure that they have purchased an original product.

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