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    VW Beetle terbaru yang mendapat peningkatan dari ABT Sportsline dengan menambah beberapa mekanisma sebenar yang lebih kepada gaya, prestasi dan pengendalian coupe ini. Biasanya dijual secara individu, ABT kit penuh juga disediakan untuk menjadikan Beetle ini kelihatan lebih jahat dan mengancam.

    Berikut adalah VW Beetle specification di http://kereta.info :

    PRICE – Harga pasaran luar VW Beetle : –
    Engine specification : 2.0-Liter TSI
    Horse power hp = 240 Horsepower
    Torque NM = 251 Pound-Feet
    0-100 KMH = 8.8 seconds
    Top speed KMH = 232
    FC Fuel consumption km/l = –
    Dimension length width height mm = –

    VW Beetle additional features / review / news :


    The ABT Sportsline upgrades to the latest gen style of the Beetle are very successful, this car faithfully recreates some of the coolness of the Ragster concept and also numerous chopped-roof custom old Beetles. In black with the optional OEM VW LED’s lit up in a half moon, the ABT upgrade to the wheels and springs makes the most different to these eyes.


    A full body kit is offered, with graphite bumper accents in the lower air dams to increase the stance. These are nicely finished but not really required. Lower springs and big wheels is really all this Beetle needs to look completely different than stock. Headlight and taillight covers are offered, but seem quite unusual to someone outside the often-tacky German car tuning scene.

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