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    In 55 years since the creation of the first Porsche with carrozzeria Zagato, the 356 Carrera Speedster Zagato (1958), the Milanese label pays tribute to the Stuttgart automaker with another car d’atelier.

    komen pengguna 5 According to the more classic approach that gave birth to the special Zagato body, starting 20 dagliAnni, Porsche enthusiast and former Ernst Berg requested a Zagato new bodywork for his Porsche Carrera GT V10 Engine with 612 HP.

    zagato-milan-porsche-carrera-gt-2013-widescreen-01 The Atelier Zagato has therefore drawn up some proposals for style that, in full “sartorial” atmosphere, were evaluated with the customer before the final go-ahead. The Carrera GT Zagato is framed from the perspective of an “evolution” rather than “revolution”. The goal, in fact, was a design typically Zagato, inalteratitutti keeping the basics of Carrera GT, a nearly perfect car.

    zagato-milan-porsche-carrera-gt-2013-widescreen-02 The features of German supercar were already at their maximum, both from the mechanical point of view, its aerodynamic. Tinsmith work, therefore, intended to recreate, with a new shape of the rear hood and with new front and rear bumper, the typical line of Zagato Coupe concept with double hump.

    zagato-milan-porsche-carrera-gt-2013-widescreen-04No mechanical element was changed. This with the aim of paying tribute and alcostruttore model that becomes, in its own right, a collectible car. Ernst Berg and his son Rem followed all the stages of realization, as in the best tradition of Italian automotive tailoring. A custom continued, which saw and sees the bodies most listed companies in the world to be commissioned by gentleman drivers for lecompetizioni and by collectors for the most prestigious competitions of elegance.

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