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  • 2013 PEUGEOT 208

    A wheelbase identical to that of the 207, the adoption of more compact front seat backs and an overall optimisation of the design provide significantly more space in the rear for passengers ,extra 5 cm knee room compared with a 207 which already offers good provision. As well as a larger boot, 311 l liquid volume below the rear shelf,285 dm3 VDA standard  and up to 1152 l liquid volume 1076 dm3 VDA standard when the rear seats are folded.

    The front face, a true genetic signature, unveils a new, particularly charismatic face of the Marque. Its feline expression is more modern, rich and refined, with, in particular according to version, LEDs and a light guide emphasising the expression of the headlamp unit, both day and night. The same care is given to each part, such as the treatment given to the foglamp surrounds.

    As for the grille, this is modelled as a true floating sculpture. In fact, it appears to detach itself from the bodywork and float in the air, with its chrome surround of precisely formed sections. Inside it, a full and technological mesh, or chrome bars, reinforce the modernity and richness of the line. With this original design, it successfully expresses the idea of environmental efficiency the optimised size of the air intake in fact suggests optimisation of its fuel consumption.

    The volume of the vehicle appears sculpted by the wind. From the “PEUGEOT” lettering machined in the block at the top of the grille issues a veritable spine which crosses the bonnet, bites into the top of the windscreen, leaves its mark in the centre of the roof and imprints its movement right to the rear and the line of the boot aperture. The rear lamps, true technological adornments, also incorporate a light signature with, notably, three illuminated claws. With their boomerang shape, and this is a technical feat, they appear at one with the body.

    The instruments and controls, which have been re-thought structurally, have provided a previously unheard of field of expression for the stylists. The design of the dashboard blends style lines which are both floating and graphic. Concern for perceived quality can be seen everywhere, the obsessive attention to detail, like the vents at the end of the dashboard in the shape of a cat’s eye, the numerous “faceted” components echoing certain sections of the exterior style, everything has been thought about and re-thought, from the shape of the door trim pads to the gear lever.

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